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Apps have undoubtedly made our lives easy. Android is one the top OS used for mobile phones. It is a hub thousands of apps. The best thing about Android is that it gives you more flexibility, more features, entertainment stuff and more productivity. Google PlayStore has different apps for different functionalities. Now all the things are managed by these Apps. There are endless benefits and changes that these apps have brought to the lives of people. You are hungry?? Just open the food delivery apps on your phone and order some yummy dishes. You just need to place the order and the food will reach to your home in the shortest time possible. Do you want to listen to your favourite music? There are apps for that…you want to learn programming, there are apps for that..So, no doubt apps are making our lives easy and comfortable. In this article, we are going to discuss the top 10 Must have Android Apps in your Smartphone. You can download these apps from Google PlayStore.


Top 10 Android Apps for Smartphones


1.WhatsApp Messenger

top 10 Android Apk
Best Android Apps

WhatsApp needs no introduction. It a very common app nowadays also one of the best messenger app. With WhatsApp Messenger Apk communicating with your friends, family members, clients, and other people have become very easy. After the video call update release, WhatsApp became more useful. Now you can have a live video call and can conduct a video conference easily with your business partners or clients. You can enjoy talking to your loved ones on WhatsApp Messenger. Isn’t that cool? Now people prefer WhatsApp to share documents life image files, audio files, presentation documents etc. With a single click, you can send more than one file at a go. WhatsApp has improved its audio and video quality a lot in the past few years.

Download from Google PlayStore



2. Last Pass Password Manager App

free Password Manager App
Password Manager App

LastPass Apk:    Next in our list of top 10 Android Apps comes the LastPass app. LastPass is a password manager and password generator app which basically locks your personal information in a vault and you do not need to add your password again and again. We all have a lot of passwords and remembering all our passwords seems really difficult. So, the solution to this problem is installing the LastPass PassWord manager app in your android smartphone. With LastPass you just need to click on the launch icon and the desired website or service will be opened. You can store the passwords of your Facebook account, Gmail accounts. Some people have more than one Gmail accounts and this app is must for them. You can also store sensitive information like Credit Card details and debit card details so that you do not need to add them again and again when you buy something online and pay for it. You just have to remember the password of LastPass and your life becomes easy. You can get rid of remembering all your passwords. Isn’t that Cool??

Download LastPass Apk


3. Google Assistant App

Google Assistant Download
Google Assistant Apk Download

Google Assistant is one of the 10 best apps that you must install in your android smartphone. Google Assistant acts as your personal assistant and can help you to do different things on your smartphone. Google Assistant helps you to make calls on the go. You can easily call your mom, your girlfriend, your friends, and relatives. Just order Google Assistant and it will do it for you. You can send text messages with Google Assistant. Another best thing that Google Assistant offers is setting reminders for yourself. you can set reminders for you to make yourself on time and can do things. You can add someone’s birthday as a reminder in case you have a habit of forgetting birthdays. Playing music is easy with Google Assistant. You can tell Google Assistant to play your favourite Bollywood Music. Check if it is about to rain in the next few hours or not if you are stepping out of your home. You can get live weather updates on your Android Smartphone.

Download Google Assistant


4. Flipboard

best Android Apk
Top 10 Android Apk

The next app that you must download and install on your android smartphone is the Flipboard app. The Flipboard Apk is basically a social media platform for bloggers, influencers etc. You can share all your blog content if you are a blogger.  Flipboard also acts as a news and informational app as it has all the latest news. You can read useful articles in different categories and can stay updated with the changes around the globe. If you are passionate about Artificial Intelligence or Deep Neural Networks you can find some excellent articles written by research scholars and industry experts. On Flipboard, you can create your own magazine if you are a publisher or content creator. This way you can bring more eyes to your blog or website.

Download Flipboard Apk


5. Amazon Online Shopping App

Top 10 Android Apps
Top 10 Must Have Android Apps

Amazon is no doubt an amazing platform for online shopping. In the past years, people have developed a trust over Amazon because of the excellent services and support provided by Amazon. All the tech players are launching their apps. Amazon App is also available on Google PlayStore. With Amazon app shopping from Amazon becomes easier and you can easily add products that you want to buy on the cart. The Amazon app has more buying offers and discounts as compared to the official website.


6. Uber App

Uber Apk Download
Best Android Apps for mobiles

The next app which we could not resist to add in our list of top 10 Android Apps is the Uber App. Uber is basically a transportation company and it is spreading its legs to many parts of the world. Uber Apps helps you to book a cab online. You can easily book a cab without the trouble of looking for the cabs here and there. In no time you will get a notification as which cab is nearby your location right now. You can also check the name of the driver who will come to pick you up. You can easily travel from your workplace to your home, your home to your relative’s home. You don’t need to worry if it’s day or night. Uber Cabs are available on the go and it saves your time. Uber sends a cab of your choice, you can select the cab from various options Uber offers. You can select and Book an UberX which is an everyday car for 4 riders, or you can book an UberXL if the number of riders is 6. The cab options Uber offers are


Uber XL


Download Uber Latest App


Top 10 Android Apps
best Android Apps

Google Drive gives you free space to host your personal data, word files, excel files, presentations and much more. Google Drive stores data on the go and you can access it anywhere and wherever you wish to. If your phone lacks memory then you can make use of the 15GB free space offered by Google Drive. Just open your Google Drive from your android smartphone and click on the upload icon. The files will be uploaded to Google drive. You do not need to worry about the security of your data as it has the trust of Google. You can also store the backup of your mobile phone on the Google drive if you are going to update your mobile. WhatsApp data can also be stored or backup on Google drive. So, there are a lot of things you can do with Google Drive. So, it also becomes one of the must-have things in your android smartphone.

Please note that not complete 15 GB will be available to you as some space from that is already in use for your emails, synchronization, and Android settings.


8. Google Tasks

top 10 android apps
Best Android Apps for Smartphone


Google Tasks is one of the 10 best Android apps that you must download and install. It allows you to make a list of things or tasks that need to be done. Life has become fast and sometimes we forget very basic tasks like submitting the fee of your children, paying the electricity bills, renewing our Video subscription etc Google Tasks has a very basic and easy interface. Though it does not offer you many customizations with the tasks but still is simple and easy to use. Just make a list of tasks that need to be done and start completing them one by one. You can delete them or mark them done when you have finished them. This will make your life organized and will give you the mental satisfaction that your tasks are getting accomplished in an organized manner.

Download Google Tasks Apk


9. PayPal

best Android Apk
Top 10 Android Apps

PayPal is one of the best money transfer apps and helps you to send and receive payments from different parts of the world. If you are an entrepreneur and have clients all around the globe then you must have this app in your Android Smartphone. Paypal has a superb user interface and things will be clear if you simpy follow the guide. You need to connect your bank account and debit/credit cards if you want to start receiving and sending payments. There is a feature of Auto withdraw with which the money received in your PayPal wallet will be transferred to your bank account in given time. But for that, you need to properly connect it and PayPal will send a very small amount to your bank account to verify. It is one of the popular and trusted money transfer apps used by freelancers and entrepreneurs around the world.

Download Paypal Apk


10. Google Fit: Health and Tracking App

Google Fit Download
Best Android Apk

Google Fit is one of the finest fitness apps which offer you real-time fitness tracking and health updates of your body. It has an active pedometer which keeps counting your steps and makes sure that you stay fit and active all day long. You can also connect your Google Fit app with your smartwatch and keep a track of the steps you walk and other things. It shows you a list of your daily walking and running so that you know that how fit and active you have been today as compared to the previous day.





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