10 Best Free Movie Streaming Sites: Watch Movies Online

free HD movies online

Top Free Movie Streaming Sites

Well if there is one thing that is common among most people is that we all love to watch movies as they are one of the best sources of entertainment. Well while some wait for it to get downloaded, some of us do not have that level of patience or some separate time to sit back and first wait for the movie to get downloaded. Some choose to directly see a movie without waiting to get it first downloaded. So here we present you the list of the 10 free movie streaming sites that you can have access to and watch any movie online for free and without going through the hassle of first getting it downloaded.  Here is the list of the top 10 free movie streaming websites to watch any movie online for free.


10 Best Free Movie Streaming Sites


  1. YouTube.com

best movie streaming websites
Watch free movies online

YouTube without any doubt is one of the most streamed apps in the whole world. It not only serves small videos but also provides a platform for many content creators and also has many channels that have long videos and even full movies as well. One or other source definitely happens to upload a movie that has been popular or has been released in the past. So why not first try the luck by searching the movie that you desire to watch on the YouTube first and then try later all the other sites if it happens to be not available on the YouTube. You can watch free best HD movies online.


  1. MovieTube

Movie Streaming Websites: It is another site that lets you watch any movie online for free online. This site keeps its database updated at all times with all the ratings and the reviews of the latest and the old movies.  You can either search a movie by the name or can even browse the movie through genre or release year or alphabetically from A to Z. It shall provide the one searching for a movie with its IMBD rating, synopsis, star cast etc. as well. So any movie that one wishes to watch, one can very easily just open the movie page and can just start watching the movie for free with the fast and on a very amazing quality. You can enjoy all the latest movies, free best hd movies online.


  1. PrimeWire

free movie streaming sites
Watch free HD movies online

This is a brand which is known by the name only among the top movies streaming websites.  This website has been in use for so many years and has allowed thousands and thousands of users to watch movie online. There are many versions and many different servers that one can choose from to watch the best quality movie online and that for free as well. so, all these features makes this site one of the best free streaming sites.


  1. Hotstar

free hd movies online
Free HD movies online

Hotstar occupies one of the position in our list of 10 top free movie streaming sites. Well if there is one site that is so popular and most people also know about, it is one that site that has gained millions of viewership in last some years. The STAR entertainment provies the streaming network to it and by using this app or the site, one can watch TV shows, movies, live cricket etc. in full HD mode or as per one’s convenience. One can have unlimited access to free movies and most popular TV shows. So, this is one the best free movie streaming sites.

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  1. 123MOVIES

Watch movies online
Watch movies online

It is one of the most popular +movie streaming website with database of tons of movies. The website provides one with variety of options and one can browse through category, genre, data, country etc or can directly use the powerful search box to watch the desired movie online at high quality so easily.


  1. Internet Archive Movies

free HD movies online
Watch free HD movies online

The Internet Archive has over 3 million free movies, videos uploaded to which the viewers can have free access to ranging from old classic movies to new genre rock type.  It is one the best free streaming sites for movies. Daily alternative news broadcast to cartoons, such content is also available to stream and watch online with top quality just for free.

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  1. TubiTv

Talking about the free movie streaming sites, next we come to TubiTv. This is an awesome movie streaming website that has a user-friendly interface and is really appealing to use. This site serves the best features to watch a movie online with the best quality and no hindrances. One can also use the feature of bookmarking the favourite T.V show  if you register but even if you do not do so you are still good to use this site and watch the movie or any favourite T.V show for free and in best quality.



PutLocker official website
PutLocker official website

The next website to stream movies online is PutLocker. PutLocker is one of the best free movie streaming sites where you can watch free HD movies online, stream your favourite best HD movies. The top categories available on the website are TopIMDB, TV series, Most Viewed, Genre, Movies Etc. So what are you waiting for? Here you can find all the latest Hollywood movies, horror movies, romance movies, action thrillers etc.


9. SeeHDMovies

free movie streaming sites
SeeHD Movies

Next, in our list of top 10 movie streaming sites comes SeeHDmovies. This one is a very straightforward free movie streaming site that helps you to find the desired movie.  This site has the best interface to search for the desired movies with much ease. It also tells you the summary and the other necessary details of the movie while you happen to search for it. The best part about using this is that it comes with download mirrors that is one also has the option of best HD movies, download the movies as well.


  1. YesMovies

Last but not the least in our list of free movie streaming sites is the YesMovies website. It is another popular site that lets the viewers watch multiple movies or many T.V shows online just for free. The best part of this website is that it also gives the information of which movies or T.V shows are to be uploaded next.  Be it the genre or the year of the release, country, one can search for the desired movie and find it very easily. You can enjoy free HD movies online, best HD movies for free.

So, this was all about the best free movie streaming sites. Hope you liked the post. So, enjoy and watch free movies online. Stay tuned with AllBuzzUpdates.



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