5 Best Blogging and SEO Tools That Every Professional Use

best Blogging and SEO tools

Best Blogging and SEO Tools

Blogging has become very common nowadays. Some people start a blog as their hobby while some blog to earn a living from it. The number of bloggers is increasing day by day. Blogging is already very popular in USA, UK, Indian and Pakistan. Young school and college students are running their own blogs. Some of them have managed successful blogs and are earning a handsome amount of money from blogging. Blogging is no more now limited just to a hobby thing, now people are taking it as a full-time work. But Blogging is not a get rich quick scheme and if you are thinking that it will make you rich in day, week or month, then it is not for you.

Blogging needs 4 main things, Hard Work, Smart Work, Consistency and Patience. SEO and Blogging run parallel to each other and if you want to make a decent amount of money from blogging then you should start learning SEO. SEO is Must for each and every blogger. Blogging and SEO needs the correct guidance and the right tools which gives you the best results. Today, in this post we will talk about 5 such Blogging and SEO Tools which are essential for each and every Professional Blogger and SEO expert.

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5 Blogging and SEO Tools That You Must Have


  1. Ahrefs

best Blogging and SEO Tools
best Backlinks Analysis Tool

Ahrefs is one of the best SEO tools that is used by almost all the SEO experts of the industry. Ahrefs helps you to analyze your or your competitor’s complete website. It is just like we get our complete health check up done. You can add a website in the ahrefs search and then you can search all the organic keywords which are ranking for that website. It shows you a complete list of organic keywords of any website you want to scan. You can also check the keywords difficulty and search volume of those keywords at the same time. Ahrefs gives its users the option to export the complete keywords list to an excel sheet which can be saved in your laptop or PC. You can also steal the keywords of your competitors and can see for which keywords is he or she ranking. You can then use those keywords in your website according to its search volume and keywords difficulty.

If you are having a good knowledge of SEO or belong to the SEO industry then you may already be knowing the importance of backlinks in the ranking of a website or a blog. Backlinks are links which are directed to by other sites to your own blog or website. With Ahrefs you can check the backlinks made by the websites which are performing extremely well in your niche. Then you can also try to make backlinks from those websites and pages. Just type the URL of the website whose backlinks you want to know. Then export that list of backlinks in an MS Excel sheet. So these features makes it one of the best Blogging and SEO tools in the industry.


Ahrefs Price and Plans

Ahrefs Tools Price
Ahrefs Tools Price

Ahrefs Tools Lite Plan:  $99 per month

Ahrefs Tools Standard Plan: $179 per month

Ahrefs Tools Advanced Plan:  $399 per month

Ahrefs Tools Agency Plan:  $999 per month

Ahrefs Detailed Pricing and Plans


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best Keyword Research Tool
best Keyword Research Tool 2018

Next, the SEO tool which is used by most of the SEO Professionals in the industry is undoubtedly, the KWFinder. KWFinder is a keyword research tool which helps you to know each and every detail about a keyword. All these metrics of a keyword gives you an idea that whether you will be able to rank it or not. You can analyze how hard or easy is to rank a particular keyword. You can also check the keyword difficulty and can work on that keyword according to your budget. Keywords Research is one of the most important task that every SEO professional or blogger should do. Working without knowing the metrics of a keyword is just like firing in the dark. It is not going to give you the desired results. KWfinder helps you to do proper keywords research with the correct strategy. The best thing about this tool is that it gives you the accurate results about a keyword.

There are many tools in the SEO market but after testing and working on them we have realized that they don’t give you the right details every time. You can also check the search volume and keyword difficulty of a keyword according to geographic location. For ex you want to target a country where CPC is high, then you can change the location in KWfinder for that particular keyword. KwFinder gives you 5 searches and lookups for free every day. For that you need to signup. After registration, you can do 5 keyword searches per day. So, the correct keywords overview makes it one of the best Blogging and SEO tools.

KWFinder Pricing and Plans


KwFinder Monthly Plan Offers
KWFinder Monthly Plan Offers

KWFinder Pricing and Plan in Detail




best Blogging and SEO tools

The next SEO and Blogging tool recommended by SEO gurus and professionals is Semrush. It is one of the best SEO tools for bloggers and SEO persons. Harsh Agarwal of Shoutmeloud.com also recommends this tools. Semrush also gives you a complete report of the website. You can add the URL of the website or blog you want to research. After that, it shows you various options like Backlinks analysis, Organic keywords, Traffic etc.

You can easily check the keywords which are ranking for a particular website or blog. You can select the keywords and can export them to an excel file. Later you can work and use those keywords on your own blog. This is one of the best ways as you can see all the profitable keywords of websites which are performing well in your niche. For ex. if you run a news website then you can scan ndtv.com, news18.com and can get a list of organic keywords. You can not rank each and every keyword because it needs the right strategy and most important thing BUDGET. You can work on those keywords in which you need a very less budget. SemRush also gives you the backlinks created on a website but for backlinks analysis, we will recommend you to use Ahrefs.

Semrush Pricing and Plans


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How to get Grammarly for Free
Grammarly: best Blogging and SEO tool

Grammarly is also of the best Blogging tool that you must use if you manage your blog content on your own. Grammarly helps you to rectify errors from your article. You can write an article in a continuous flow and after that, you can use Grammarly to find errors and mistakes in your blog content. It saves a lot of time looking for errors personally. And Time is Money. Grammarly basic versi0n is available for free and you can add the Grammarly extension in Google Chrome. You don’t need to pay anything for that.

The paid version of Grammarly provides you with more features and full access. You can do many other things other than checking the grammatical errors. In the paid version you can also check an article for Plagiarism. You can check whether the article is unique or not. If you are a blog admin and you have hired content creators or authors for your blog, then this Blogging tool is must for you as they can fool you by copying content from other websites. So make sure you check the uniqueness of your content before adding it on your blog or website. So, this number of features makes it one of the best Blogging and SEO tools.

Grammarly Premium Pricing and Plans


Google Analytics

Google analytics Apk

Next tool that is definitely used by Bloggers, SEO professionals and freelancers is Google Analytics. It is one of the most used tools for blogs and websites. The best thing about this tool is that it is free of cost and you don’t have to pay anything for it. You can visit the Official website of Google Analytics or you can install the Google Analytics Apk from Google PlayStore. Google Analytics Apk gives you a better experience and traffic details. With Google Analytics you can check what amount of traffic is coming to your blog content or website.

You can also check the real-time traffic. Real-Time traffic means how many visitors are active on your blog or website in the present moment. Isn’t that cool? Apart from that, you can also know from which locations are they active and which post or blog content they are reading. Google Analytics also helps you to know the performance of your keywords. This way you can learn which post of yours is bringing more traffic so that you can make more backlinks on it or do something to boost its ranking more. This tool is used by all the Professionals almost every day. In fact, we ourself check our Google analytics account every single day. So, this was one of the 5 best Blogging and SEO tools that we discussed today.





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