5 Best Business and Finance Apps That You Must Download

Top 5 Finance Apps


One should always be careful when it comes to investing and stock trading. And it is a known fact that news and the reaction time can anytime either make a builder or break him.  So it becomes really important that one keeps updated themselves with all the latest and important financial news to keep an eye on the stocks and your investments. So here, for your benefit, we bring to you the 5 Best Business And Finance Apps. We bet that they will help you in growing your business and will also solve all your Finance Queries.


5 Best Business And Finance Apps


1.CNBC Business News and Finance App

Best Business And Finance Apps
Best Business And Finance Apps

The first app that we shall talk about is the CNBC Business News and Finance app is a widely popular app that is available on iPhone and Android and is NBC’s flagship financial news app. This app has gained its popularity for it gives all its users access to the actionable business news, financial information and the market data as well. It also keeps its users up to date with all the breaking news alerts that are pushed through even when the app is closed or not being used, so it happens to alert its users at all important times.

The app also happens to have this tool that allows users to monitor real-time stock quotes and to view interactive charts, receive global business news coverage. The app also allows for a very customizable watch list to track many specific stocks and be able to gain real-time access to all associated business news headlines and events.

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2. Bloomberg App

Best Business and Finance Apps

The Bloomberg app is a very popular app just like the previous app. This app gives access not only to the company’s global business but also to the financial news, up-to-date market data and the proprietary portfolio tools. It sets itself apart from others by having the articles that are written by the award-winning business and financial journalists at Bloomberg that help in having advice and learning the techniques of investing.
The app is also available on iPhone and Android, and it allows its users to receive the latest market data, which however can be filtered by many specific regions or the sectors. Bloomberg’s watchlist also lets its users track many securities and other investments.


3. Barron’s App

Best Finance Apps
Best Business and Finance Apps

If you are unaware, Barron’s is also known as the premier investing news magazine that always aim at providing the best financial analysis and a detailed insight in print, and more recently has done so through its mobile app. It is available on the iPhone and the Android. Barron’s subscribers can very easily access the company’s articles that are published every weekend from this app. along with that; one can have access to the commentary from Barron’s Online edition which comes seven days a week and have a look at analysis every weekday.
If one wishes to, a subscription to Barron’s costs around $12.99 a month and it gives its subscribers the access to the app and also to Barron’s website. All its users can, therefore, save the articles on the mobile app and have access to them on the website itself, and vice versa, just as they like.


4. Fox Business App

best finance apps

The Fox Business app just like others is available on both the iPhone and the Android. So. The users stay connected to the constantly changing business world. The app tracks all the financial markets and sends financial alerts to its users. They can also search for the stocks by simple ticker symbol and create watchlists just as they want. Along with it, the users can also have access to the up-to-the-minute news and the changing market data through the use of live Fox business broadcasts and watch clips from their favorite Fox Business Network shows that comes loaded with the app. No doubt, the app has gained its popularity among all users involved in the investing business and stock markets.

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5. Wall Street Journal

Best Finance Apps
Best Business Business and Finance Apps

It shall be a deniable fact if one says that they have not ever heard the name of the Wall Street Journal. It is known that historically, the Wall Street Journal has been one of the most reputable and reliable sources for financial information and it continues to be one. And it is no behind in evolving itself with time. Through the Wall Street Journal, which is available to both of its iPhone and Android using subscribers; they can very easily customize the news and the notifications to fit their preferences and as for how they like. The publication though requires a subscription which comes at the cost of around $35 a month but is informative and useful in itself as a whole.


So, these were the 5 Best Business and Finance apps that you must download if you plan to invest in a business or stock market. Stay Tuned with AllBuzzUpdates

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