10 Best ePub Reader for Windows That You Must Check [2019]

best Epub Reader

Best ePub Reader

ePub or Electronic publication is a very popular format for accessing, editing and reading e-books. There are special tablets meant for reading e-books. But that doesn’t mean we need to spend thousands of rupees buying a new tablet just for this purpose. You just need the right application and then you can enjoy the similar if not better experience in your windows.

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10Best ePub Readers for Windows



CALIBRE has stood strong with the test of time and indeed emerged as the best e-book reading solutions today. It is a complete package with loads of feature in it. You can not only just read busy also create ePubs using it. From managing metadata to transfer books between devices and convert reading materials from one format to another CALIBRE does it all. It also allows downloading ePubs with complete ease. There is a NEWS feature in it that collects and bundles all the information from various websites and presents in front of you for you to read. Not only ePubs but also comics, magazines, manga and much more is available on the CALIBRE. It is supported by Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10


2. Adobe Digital Editions

Adobe Digital Editions is always ahead in every field and ePubs is no exception for it. It enables to resize images without the loss of clarity dynamically, renders mathematical equations distinctly and allowed users to read from right to left. You can rent it borrowed books from friends, public libraries, highlighting, storing notes and much more. The following Windows platforms support it: Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.


3. Nook

Nook allows you to not only read but also but ePub formatted books. The world’s largest bookseller Barnes and Nobles are available here. The service providers the users with a 14 day free trial, during which we can test it any book, comic or magazines. Integrated themes, backgrounds and bookmarks are provided by the Nook. Users can customize there reading experience by switching between fonts and line spacing. Shipped by Windows 8, 8.1 and 10.


4. Bibliovore

It is an ePub reader and library manager. It incorporates Microsoft’s OneDrive to provide online sync and cloud storage. Their strength of this software is its management and organization skills, having large libraries for the users to manage their books with ease. The eye-catching features of it is personalized bookmarks, day and night reading mode, theme bundles etc.


5. Freda

It stands out from the rest of the ePub readers on the list. It also supports HTML formatted documents, besides supporting TXT, FB2 and EPUB format. Customized backgrounds, bookmarks and annotations are few features that come along with the Freda. It is supported by both Windows 8.1 and 10.

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6. Bookviser

Now what comes to our list of the 11 best ePub Readers is the BookViser. It provides a unique interface that provides user with a different reading experience that is similar to that of reading a physical book. The user interface gives the impression that you are actually flipping through pages of a real book. Smashwords i.e. a public catalog allows downloading free classics using this ePub reader. Moreover, there is a progress tracker that keep you updated with how much of a book you have read by now. Dictionary support, themes, brightness adjustment and note highlighting are so e of the features available in it. It is a free app and completely ad-free.



Along with Nook and Kindle, KOBO offers a marketplace with the support of EPUB and EPUB 3 formats. The usual features such as bookmarks, theme and progress tracker come equipped with it. It allows you to browse over 5 million eBooks, comics and classics all synced over KOBO supported device. The Windows 8.1 and 10 support it. It provides with a massive library of books and a user-friendly UI.




Next in our list of best ePub readers comes COVER. Primarily it was developed to read comics on Windows devices. Cover handles format such as PDF, CB7, RAR and much more. Though the free version allows storing only limited number of books which can be extended by in-app purchases. The app provides with disk and single page view, day and night reading modes, backgrounds and different themes.

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9. Icecream eBook Reader

It is a well designed and full fletched app for reading and editing e-Books. Formats that it supports are mobi, FB2 , etc. Features such as night mode, full screen view, breezy page turning effects and lot more make it user-friendly.


10. EpubReader

It allows users to manage local library as well as from online repositories. The app offers full windows touch screen and can be customized when comes to fonts and backgrounds. It is supported by Windows 7, 8 and 10.

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11. Neat Reader

Next in our list comes the Neat Reader. Neat Reader is actually a cross-platform enabled advanced ePub reader which saves all your ePubs in the cloud. It is very easy to use them. You can simply access them on any Windows system.  The best thing is that it also supports other OS like Mac and Linux. Isn’t that cool?


So, these were the 11 best ePub Readers which you can try. Though traditional reading has its own effect and love the new era wants something different always.

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