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Evite Alternatives    Parties, Festivals and Special occasions are an important part of our life. Our life will become boring if we remove these get-togethers from our life. Many times it happens that we are not able to hand over invitations for such events personally to our friends and relatives. This is a digital age and many people prefer to send e greetings and online invitations for parties and events.

Evite is a free e-invitation sending website that allows you to send custom invitations to your friends, relatives and family members. You can send e-invitations for birthday parties, baby showers, retirement, professional events, official meeting invites, Wedding invites and other types of event invite. Evite is a free e-invite platform but it also has its premium plans which offer more features. In this post, we will discuss the 7 best Evite alternatives or e-invite web sites like Evite.  These free invitation sending websites are the best alternatives to Evite.


7 Best Evite Alternatives ( Sites Like Evite )


1.  Punchbowl

Evite Alternatives

Punchbowl is one of the best Evite alternatives that you can use to send free e greeting cards, e invitations for special occasions like birthday parties, weddings, baby showers. etc. You can also send characters children like. Children love cartoon characters and you can send their favourite characters to them. You can use these beautiful characters in your greetings and invitations. Making and sending greetings and invitations via Punchbowl is quite easy. Many of you must have searched this Punchbowl vs Evite ? Right? Some of the features of Punchbowl makes it better than Evite


You can also interact with your guests and can easily see what they have replied. Punchbowl is not completely free but yes they offer you a free 3-day trial. After that, you need to buy their plans if you wish to send more greeting cards and invitations to your friends and family members.

Punchbowl Membership Plans
Punchbowl Membership Plans

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2. Anyvite 

Alternatives to Evite

Anyvite is another e invitation platform that you can use to send event invitations to your friends and family members.  The best thing about Anyvite is that the basic plan is free to use and you can send your customized event invitations for free. When you visit the website, you first need to sign up on it to continue using its services. After that, you can add the addresses where you want to send the e invitations.


You can send free even invitations on phone, email addresses and through the IM contacts. Anyvite commits of not sharing your contact details, so it’s safe to use it. It also gives you an option for your guest to invite their own friend and guests to your event. You can set a limitation on the number of guests each guest can invite from his or her own side. You can also enable or disable invite via your guests according to your choice.

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3. Purpletrail

Best Evite Alternatives

Purpletrail is another platform that you can use to send your own event invites and greeting cards. It has a large variety of e invitations and printables.  The designs are quite beautiful and will definitely impress your guests. You can choose your favorite design after selecting the category for event for which you want to send an invitation.


You can also send printables to your guests. Not just e greetings and invitations, you can also send beautiful gifts to your dear ones. It has a wide range of mugs, stationery items and other gifts for your loved ones. You just need to select the product, enter the address and other details and add to the cart. Purpletrail believes in customer satisfaction The so it can be called one of the best Evite Alternatives for 2020.


4. Paperless Post

Evite Alternatives 2020

Paperless Post is another useful event invitation sending website. It offers the first 50 free flyers and after that, you need to buy the paid plans of PaperPost. It has a wide range of flyers, cards and event invites. The designs are super cool and elegant. You can select the format which you want and choose your favorite design. Many of you must have searched Paperlesspost vs Evite.


The interface of the website is quite simple and it is easy to use. You can create event cards for various occasions like Retirement, office party, meetings, launch and event invitations and much more. If offers you to choose from the list of free and paid cards. The paid cards have superb designs and offers more features. Using this you can easily impress your guests and invite them in your events.


5.  Smilebox

Alternatives to Evite
Best Alternatives to Evite

Smilebox is one of the best Evite Alternatives for 2020. It was started in the year 2005. Smilebox is an awesome platform to share your stories with others. You can share the small and big moments of your life with your friends and family members. You can design beautiful slideshows, flyers, cards, and collages. You can design and send various cards for all special occasions like Father’s day cards, Mother day cards, Anniversary Cards, wedding day invitation cards, Save the Date cards and much more. You can design beautiful invitations and slideshows to invite your guests for the events.

All the things can be designed by one single platform. Isn’t that awesome? It saves your time of surfing various websites to design E invite cards and flyers. You need to create an account to use Smilebox. You can also design various collages, add your favourite moments to the collage. This will serve as a sweet memory for you. Some of the basic features are free but for most of the features you need to buy an annual subscription of 40$. But 40$ is nothing for so many features under one platform. So, this was one of the best sites like Evite to send invitation cards.


6. GreenEnvelope

GreenEnvelope vs Evite

Green Envelope is another E invite platform that you can use to invite your family members, friends and other guests. You can send email invitations to the. You can choose your favorite template and can also add your custom stuff to it. Green Envelope also provides RSVP tracking option.


You can also track if your guest has opened the invitation or not, read their responses. Some of the options for online invitations that you get on GreenEnvelope are as follows: Baby, Graduation day, Wedding, Save the Date, Baptism, Moving etc In your email invites you can add music, add location, hotel details etc You can also add tags along with each guest’s email address. You can also enable plus 1 to allow your guests to bring someone with them.


7. Greetingsisl66and

Sites Like Evite


This is one of the best online invitation sites like Evite. You can send free greeting cards and invitations to your guests to invite them to your special occasions or parties. Just signup on the platform and select the design which you want to use. You can also download and print the e invitations. After that, it is up to you that you wish to send them physically or wish to send them online. You can also add RSVP details to your invitations. You can also check the responses of your guests. They will have the option to tell whether they are coming or not by choosing ‘Maybe’ or ‘Attending’.


So,  these were the 7 best Evite Alternatives which you can use to send online invitations and greeting cards to your friends and guests. This was Deepak Kumar here. If you have any query regarding these sites like Evite, you can ask us in the comments section given below. Stay tuned with AllBuzzUpdates for more tech news and updates.





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