Best Paypal Alternatives for Online Payments for Freelancers and Businesses

Transferring payment from one country to another has become of the basic necessities for those who are into online business. Big brand and startups, almost everyone need to send or receive payment via Paypal. Elon Musk was one of the founders of Paypal. Their main aim was to solve the major problem online money transfer from one country to another. Though Paypal has solved a major problem but there are few things that can serve as minor drawbacks for Paypal. The first thing is the high commission charged per transaction. The second issue is that Paypal can sometimes hold your payment for a very long time. So, today we will talk about the best Paypal Alternatives which can easily serve the purpose of money transfer from one country to another. Not all of them can do all the tasks but they serve the purpose quite easily. Let’s have a look one by one:-


11 Best Paypal Alternatives for Online Money Transfer



top Paypal alternatives

Payoneer is one of the best money transfer apps. You can easily send or get paid. It is one of the best Paypal Alternatives for business professionals and startups who want to avoid high transactional fees of Paypal. The best thing is that it supports 150 currencies and works in 200 plus countries. So, if you want to send payment from UK to India or vice versa that would not be tough job. Just sign up on Payoneer and create your account. Follow the instructions and soon you will be sending and receiving payment from your clients.

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2. Google Pay

Best Paypal Alternatives for Online payments

Google Pay has become of the most used money transfer apps of India. After the digital India campaign of Narendra Modi, India moved towards the digital payment system. Paytm was quite lucky as it was the only app which got the much needed support from the Govt. The then Govt. (BJP) supported Paytm in all the ways it could. Google Pay came into the competition much later.


Paytm had acquired a large section of the market but Google had no plan of staying behind. Google Pay proved much better than Paytm because it provided best offers to its customers on each transaction they did. There was a time when Google distributed a hell lot of money to its users. Google does not support International payments but if you need a money transfer app for Indian transactions then this can be a good option.



3. Stripe

Best Paypal Alternatives

Stripe is another popular Paypal Alternatives for freelancers and business professionals. It can be used to send and receive payments over the Internet. The money transfer is quite secure. The only thing about Stripe that can be an issue is the high cost it charges per transaction. It charges around 3% plus a small fee on each transaction. You can easily link your bank account and can send and receive payment in that account. Stripe is right now available in 120 countries and top businesses like Google, Amazon, Microsoft etc also use the Stripe Payments option.

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4. TransferWise

best Paypal Alternatives

Another best Paypal Alternatives for Freelancers and business can be Transferwise. TransferWise is basically a British online money transfer service that can be used for easy money transfer from one country to another. It has very less transaction fee and if you don’ wanna shed more commission fee on each transaction, this money transfer service is for you. You can also check the guide section if you don’t have any idea of sending or receiving payments from one country to another.



5. Skrill

Best Paypal alternatives

Skrill is one of the best Paypal Alternatives for money transfer from one country to another. The best thing is that they do not charge any transfer fee when you send money to a bank abroad ( as stated by the Skrill) As you visit the homepage of Skrill, you can notice a conversion calculator. You can check the amount which will be sent to the recipient after currency conversion. You can send money to the Skrill account or directly to a bank account. It supports both International and local money transfer. You can easily send money to your friends and family members. You can also send a receive request to your clients. They also have a reward programme, the Knect Loyalty Programme.

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6. 2Checkout

Best Paypal Alternatives for Online Payments

This is another Paypal Alternative. You can use 2Checkout for all your money needs. 2Checkout is used various businesses around the world to take payments from their customers and clients. 2 Checkout gives you various options like Global payment, Digital Commerce, Subscription and Billing. Various companies that run on the customer subscription model for their services use 2Checkout for fetching payments.


The only drawback one can find in 2Checkout is the high transfer fee and charges on the transaction. So, it is advised to use it only of the amount of payment is high so as to reduce the transaction commission fee. If we talk about the number of countries and currencies, it supports around 86 currencies and works in 210 countries. One more drawback that you must consider can be the difference in transaction charges for those who live in the US and for those who don’t. If you don’t live in the US you may be charged approximately 4% plus $0.45 for each transaction.


7. Dwolla

Dwolla payment services

Next, in our list is Dwolla. Dwolla can also be called as one of the best Paypal alternatives for freelancers and businesses. You can send money wherever you want with the help of their app. Dwolla makes payment transfer quite easy but their verification problem is bit complex. They asl for photo proof to fully verify your account and may also ask for other documents. Another disadvantage is that is limited to US only. You can use it if you live in US.

Something that makes it one of the alternatives for Paypal is its low transaction fee. You can send upto 4900 or something payments with 1 API request.

Try Dwolla


8. Instamojo

best Paypal Alternatives

Instamojo is basically a payment gateway you can use in your eCommerce store. You can also use Instamojo to send and receive payments. The process is quite simple. Just add their email or username and send the payments to the. The same way can be used by them to send a payment to you. Instamojo charges a are small transaction fee ( a minimal one ) but there is no hidden fee. So, if you are looking for a platform to send or receive payments, you can give a try to Instamojo. The payment will be settled to your bank account in 3-4 days. You can also set it up on your website if you have to receive or send a number of payments on a daily basis. The setup is quite easy.

Sign Up Instamojo


9. Payza

Payza is also one of the options for receiving or sending payments. It can be used to receive or send funds and can serve as one of the payments transfer service. It can also be used for bitcoins. Though you will not find it much popular as compared to Paypal but is commonly used for transferring remittance payments. It also an e wallet system and funds can be transferred from wallet to bank accounts and vice versa. It can easily be integrated and used for ecommerce business. If you find it difficult to use it  for your ecommerce store, you must check out their Support page.


10. Amazon Pay

best Paypal alternatives

Well, Amazon Pay is a bit different from other payment platforms, With Amazon Pay you can not send personal payments from one person to another but you can use it to send payments to business. Amazon Pay QR codes are present at most of the stores. Just scan the QR codes and the payment will be transferred.

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