6 Best Screen Recorder Softwares for Windows [ 2019 ]

Best Screen Recording Softwares 2019

Screen Recorder for Windows

Screen Recording is a revolutionary thing in the technology world. Recording your ongoing activities over the mobile phone or desktop is a great use for future reference. Using the screen recording software’s you can record the screen of your computer as easily as you can take a screenshot on your computer or record life’s best moments.

                      The software can easily record as well as edit the saved videos later on.  This software is useful when you wish to record ”How to do” videos to illustrate or demonstrate the working of a program, recording gameplay to post it on social media later on or to compile a product’s demo video for clients. You can also record to share on video streaming sources such as YouTube

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6 Best Screen Recorder Softwares for Windows [PC/Laptop]

1. Icecream Screen Recorder

Ice Cream Screen Recorder download

This software records the entire computer screen of yours or only few parts as you wish to. This software slides you to record video calls, shoot seminars, record conferences or gameplay, etc. with the help of its user-friendly and intuitive interface. Like all other software it has its pros and cons both:

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  • It offers a wide variety of formats in which the video is downloaded i.e. MP4, MKV or WebM format.
  • It allows both audio and webcam recording with the video recording.
  • You can save screenshots in JPG or PNG extension.
  • It has the Project History option to get quick access to previously captured videos and pictures.



  • Only a 10- minute recording is allowed to the free users.
  • Limited editing options and functionalities is provided to free users.
  • It restricts the free users to share the recorded video for commercial purposes.


2. Ezvid Video maker

best Screen Recorder Software

It is one of the most useful desktop or screen Recording software. Only few clicks gets you to record high resolution video to make movies. It allows on-screen drawing and recording of specific regions. A unique feature that is provided is to add keywords, titles and other info to the recordings.

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  • It saves the video automatically while recording and allows slideshow with the capturing.
  • On- screen annotating is allowed while screen recording. Audio recording and voice synthesis feature is also available.
  • Webcam recording is available and you can straight away upload videos to You Tube.



  • Only 45 minutes of recording can be done using it.
  • No customization option is available.

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3. Atomi Active Presenter

Best screen Recording Software for Windows 10
Best screen Recording Software for PC

It captures the complete screen or some parts of it with high video quality. It lacks few features in it’s free version in comparison to its competitors it is a perfect screen recorder to create long screen casts.

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  • There is no limits in watermark and screen recording time.
  • Transition effects is provided like photo slides and annotations to the video.
  • It allows export of recordings to many formats such as MP3, MKV, WMV, etc.


  • There is no option to upload the recorded videos directly online.
  • The free version lacks most of the features present in premium version.


4. Screenpresso

Best Screen Recorder Software for PC

It captures the desktop and create videos in HD quality. In it’s premium version it has the most advanced features which is not given to the free users. You can capture the complete screen or any part of it and edit it with the management features provided.

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  • Audio and webcam recording is available with screen recording.
  • It allows to use recordings for commercial use.
  • Labelling, editing and composing captures are allowed.
  • The sharing feature is available in number of services like FTP, email, google drive, dropbox and more.




  • In its free edition there is no support.
  • Recording can be done only for 3 minutes.
  • You cannot remove watermarks from images, videos, etc.
  • There are limited features to edit the video.


5. Bandicam Screen Recorder

Best Screen Recorder Software for Windows 10

It is very easy to use and capable of capturing the complete screen or a part of it. It allows you to record games, streaming video, and other things. The software comes with different modes such as gaming mode, screen recording mode, device recording mode for perfect quality and recording.

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  • The recorded files are saved in AVI and MP4 format.
  • It offers real time voice recording and live drawing recording.
  • It allows you to add watermark and overlaying webcams.
  • You can add mouse click effects and animation while live recording.



  • The free version doesn’t allow to get rid of the watermark.
  • There is only 10 minutes recording cap in free version.


6. CamStudio 

Camstudio Software Review

So, if you are looking for the best Screen Recorder Software for Windows 10/ 8/ 7 then your wait is over. We introduce you to next awesome screen video recorder. Camstudio allows you to make AVI videos with full audio and video recording of your screen. Isn’t it amazing? The best part about this software is that the files that are created by this software will not occupy much space in your PC or laptop and the quality of the video will also be very good.

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Easily add captions to your video

High-quality video

Make a video with clear audio

Free To Use


Few users have reported a bug the company is resolving it


These softwares are the leading ones in the market and go to apps. Screen recording is beneficial and to use the correct software is equally necessary. Stay tuned with AllBuzzupdates for more such tech stuff and How to tutorials.

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