10 Best Screen Sharing Softwares for Windows

ScreenSharing softwares

Screen Sharing

Screen sharing is a powerful and simple way to collaborate with people across the globe. Exactly screen sharing allows you to view the screen of a different user in real time. When the screen sharing is in process you can exactly see what’s ongoing on the computer screen in your computer. From documents, websites to videos and presentation or anything else you can view all on your computer screen. The guests can see you move, type and interact with anything you would do on your computer.


Why should Screen Sharing be used?


Screen sharing is a simple and affordable way to get on the same page with other users faster and easier, it also provides a visual element to any conference and official meetings. Instead of looking at your own screen or documents the users can have a single visual aid. Information can be shared more efficiently with the help of screen sharing.

Screen Sharing helps the host to share it’s keynote and animated presentation exactly in the same way as he wants it to be seen on his computer. Screen Sharing meeting can be held at any moments notice so you should be prepared for it. Moreover, most screen sharing told have live text chat option, so that the attendees can send their messages to the hosts or the other people present out there.


When is the Screen Sharing used?

Screen Sharing is a very useful tool for a number of industries and situations. The screen sharing can be used for various purposes:

  • Reports and presentations
  • Education and online courses
  • Remote work and team collaboration
  • Training sessions
  • Sales demos


Screen Sharing reduces the chances of miscommunication and confusions. Rather than debating over an email or text, you can quickly switch to screen sharing for the clarity.


How does the Screen Sharing works?

For screen sharing, the hosts downloads a software program to allow them to broadcast their screen to the members who join the meeting. A link is shared too the guests, clicking which the guests join the meeting. And important thing to note is that screen sharing is not video conferencing. Screen sharing do not sure the surrounding if the hosts but only the desktop screen. Screen sharing is an excellent and efficient way to reach to the clients and colleagues to share important document and videos.

Screen Sharing comes in very useful and handy when you need assistance for your computer or you want to help your client or friend with something over their desktop.


10 Best Screen Sharing Softwares


Any Desk Software

The best team viewer alternative and the best screen sharing software is AnyDesk. The software is very easy to handle and use and makes screen sharing very handy. With the help of this software we can help out friends and remotely access the computer. It reflects the screen of the remote computer immediately and provides you with a great experience. There is no fear of privacy because it makes sure the connection is secure. It also helps in unattended access for macOS, file browse miss and session recording.


CloudBerry Remote Assistant

Screen Sharing Softwares

You can transfer file, text chat and so on using this software. It makes sure that the connection is secure with the help of SSL encryption. The best thing about the software is that it is absolute free to use. You can find it on its official website and download for your computer.


Ammyy Admin

Screen Sharing Softwares

Ammyy Admin is a great option when you are finding the screen sharing feature for  large business. The software offers a superb security as well.There are many more options that make the software more secure. This to helps in control and accessing remote connection without any hassle. Sharing materials and texting works similarly in the software.



Chrome remote desktop

Screen sharing softwares

it is an extension of Google chrome which helps in screen sharing. It’s easy to use as you only need to add the extension to your Google chrome which is absolutely free to use. A PIN will be provided by the extension by which a connection can be made after which screen sharing can be done. So we need to load the extension on the host computer and generate the PIN to create connection and then start screen sharing.


Lite Manager

Lite Manager Software

It’s a tool which we will love as it provides powerful features in screen sharing. It is both free and available in paid version and the biggest average of using it is you can connect you 30 PC’s at a time. The starting up and the interface face is but complicated but once we get into the software is easy to use and free of hurdles. You can transfer files, event logs etc.


Join.me: It is one of the best platforms which provide full screen mode, conference calling, multiple monitors and so on. Connectivity of 10 people at a time is allowed. You just need to install Join.me and sign up in the host computer. On the computer off the clients just install the Join.me and with the personal code, you can access the host computer.


Supremo Remote Desktop Assistant

It is car new in the market but has gained ample popularity and provides powerful features. For personal use the free version is very useful. All the members can accessed easily and can drag and drop files easily.


Sky Fex: This tool is browser based i.e. there is no need to download and install any software on the computer. As it is browser based we can use it on any computer and help our client or friend. It also allows to customize the interface by giving the option to add your company’s logo.



Remote Desktop Sharing Softwares

It provides with easier and simpler way to connect which makes screen sharing efficient and easy. Whenever you want to access other’s computer just log in to your account and provide the host computer id and get the access to it.


SplashTop: The last on the list but is very efficient. It is best for personal sharing of the screen. It is available in both free and paid versions.


So, these were the best screen sharing softwares. If you have any query, feel free to ask us in the comments section below. Stay tuned with AllBuzzUpdates.

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