How Bloggers and Influencers Can Help Brands in Boosting Their Business

Influencer Marketing for Brands

                  Marketing with Influencers

Gone are the days when the only way brands could reach their customers through newspapers or television or to some extend say magazines and radio. But with the significant global shift and introduction of smartphones, internet, social media and other related technology the brands could now reach customers faster and more efficiently as people are present more on online than offline.


           If your internet marketing strategy is not up to the mark the customers would be reading and knowing about your opponent brands and not yours. But every brand has its own budget and strategy for advertising and promoting their brand, the only thing that matters is who is doing it correct. Spending thousands of dollars isn’t wrong to be honest its necessary but knowing where to spend it how to spend it so that it gets the right exposure in front of the right people at the right time is necessary. Opportunities are every everywhere but only a wise man knows how to use it with perfection. So, if internet marketing is carried out well by a brand it can bring vast change in results at the positive side.   


  Need of Brands to work with Influencers


Influencers, a very small word but hold a very strong position, they are people who influence people, and they have the ability to mould peoples’ decision. Internet gave these influencers a special name known as bloggers or video bloggers (vbloggers). If being asked how well this bloggers can work, the answer lies to a single statement that 79% of people trust online reviews more than personal recommendations. So, it is correctly said bloggers are great influencer to customers.


    The creativity of the bloggers makes people trust them more. So, a brand definitely needs to have positive reviews for it in the internet. The relationship between the bloggers and viewers are so strong that brands create their marketing strategy according to the bloggers, and most of the brands already have their influencers ready on the social media promoting and advertising their products.


Top ways brands can work with Bloggers to promote their products.



  • Complementary to the bloggers- Giving away free services and products to the right influencers and asking them to use them and then after giving honest reviews for the product is one of the highly successful ways for brands but choosing the right blogger for the right product is necessary, for example a headphone must be given to asked to use to tech blogger only. This works as the fans of the particular bloggers know that the individual have tried it so he is telling the truth.




  • Commission Influencers- Hiring internet influencers on the basis of providing them commission on the number of sales generated by them is one key method to work upon. This has proven to be successful because you only need to pay them when they generate sale, so they would also work hard to generate sales to get commission.




  • Paid Reviews- 90% of people agreed that they are influenced with the online reviews and decide to whether buy a product or not according to it. So, having positive reviews on the product is very important to have sales for it. Finding the correct blogger with correct audience according to the need by a little research and asking him/her to post honest reviews for their products produces remarkable results for the product.




  • Inviting bloggers- On the product launch event, inviting bloggers is a great way to start the promotion of the product. Bloggers have a habit of sharing their experience so by inviting them we can expect them sharing their review about the event, the product and the brand to their audiences. Inviting influencers, social media bloggers and vbloggers will give positive results for the brand and the product.




  • Social Media Influence- Marketing through social media is the latest trend and is very successful. Anything and everything goes viral in social media with the speed of fire spreading in forest. So, to have good social media influencer collaborated with the brand is important for the success. Social media marketing provides the customers with honest reviews, pictures and the option to buy them all in a single place that too by without moving out of their homes.




  • Contest Hosting- Influencers and bloggers hold different online contests and giveaway contest in which the top 5-10 winners are given out products for free. For once, the products are given for free but when the customer will use it he will pay the next time to use it. It’s a great deal for both customer and the brand as the customer is getting it for free and the brand is reaching to millions of people of their concern.




  • Subscribers- Finding out the correct blogger with a good amount of newsletter subscriber is essential. People subscribe to be updated with the latest post done by their blogger. Ask the bloggers to add the product to their newsletters and see the growth to the sales.




  • Articles- Articles about the product and brands, mentioning every minute detail in it about the particular product is a must to do thing. Bloggers can write articles and then publish it in their page. The subconscious mind created after reading the articles works in the favour of the brand.




  • Online Banners- Billboards don’t do much now, buying header or footer or sidebar banner advertisements on a blog with the correct audience have given eye-catching results to the brands.



10.Public Events- Bloggers attend loads of public events related to their respect fields. We can ask them to speak about our products in the event in front of the correct audience.


  Only influencers working for the brands won’t work, equal efforts have to be put on by the brands to reach the target customers by matching the correct audience of their use. One of the prior things is to not send false mails to people this creates the wrong impression on the people. Keeping a check on the competitors is necessary, this gives more ideas to advertise and promote the brand thus helping the sales and growth of the brand.

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  2. […] How Bloggers and Influencers Can Help Brands in Boosting Their Business […]

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