Cloud Computing and How Tech Is Improving HealthCare

Cloud Computing in Health

          Cloud Computing and Healthcare

In our previous posts, we have talked about some very interesting topics like Artificial Intelligence and their role in the lives of humans. On the demand of our readers, we also published content on Blockchain technology. Today, in this article we will talk Cloud Computing and how healthcare sector is improving because of Cloud Computing.


What is Cloud Computing?

   Cloud computing has brought a revolution in the Technology domain. With Cloud Computing data storage and its management without complete user intervention has become quite easy. Data access and providing authorization has become simple. This term is generally used to describe dates centers available to many users over the internet. Cloud may be limited to single organization, be abuse to many organizations or the combination of both. Cloud computing remotes on sharing of resources to achieve economics of sales and coherence.


    What is the reason behind the growth of Cloud Computing?

  • Availability of high capacity networks.
  • Low cost computers
  • Storage devices
  • Autonomic and utility computing
  • Adoption of hardware virtualization
  • Service oriented architecture

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What is Healthcare?

 Healthcare is a complete strategy which enables doctors to diagnose, prevent and treat an illness, diseases and other physical and mental health problems in human beings. Health professionals deliver health care in allied health fields. Healthcare systems are organizations established to meet health needs of a particular targeted population.


                       In recent times all this field is going through noteworthy changes. Apart from usually storing data to now utilizing technology in order to reduce costs, gain efficiency and to facilitate the patients care task. In recent research, it is going that 95% hospital CIO’s are hitting staff that can manage, support and configure the cloud infrastructure i.e. HIPAA-compliant. If we talk about such shifts the reason is that the services offered by cloud computing vendors like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and IBM cloud is ever evolving. On the other hand 93% of CIO’s reported that the cloud technology is allowing the access of services and more agile products that leads to expansion of healthcare data.


A Brief About Blockchain and Security

   With the upcoming generation of Cloud computing, security is the biggest consideration which moves with the help of Healthcare companies and cloud computing vendors alike. All types of security requirements are met effectively through regulatory audits which should be made sure by the cloud computing service providers. Through an amalgamation of biometric protocols and token-based security, it is made sure that they are leveraging the best assets access control.

                                                     Multiple EHRs inside a same healthcare system can lead to breaches in patients identification and security. Moreover, the promises that the Blockchain made for the improvement of records and enhancement of security is getting riper and this can be also molded in cloud.


    How can it be said that Health-tech industry is wrapping a great year?

            The biggest of the tech companies like the Apple and Amazon are exploring opportunities to bring out their products in medical sector as well as the mainstream sector and made few important hires throughout those area. In response pharmaceutical makers and health plans faked their partnership with the technology developers to improve customer experience.

  • Smart watches: Apple in 2018, brought the Apple watch which had electrocardiogram enabling the tracking of heart rhythm of the user and could also go through the possible irregularities which could include typical kind of arrhythmia called atrial fibrillation. The company got its clearance from various regulatory for the new ECG feature. Different companies now need a different breakthrough for example tracking of blood pressure without a cuff.


  • Joining hands with Medicare advantage: When babies enter into Medicare age there are many who receive advantages through different plans authorized and verified by the government and this is called Medicare Advantage. These plans are the fastest to adopt the latest technology due to the way they get paid. By taking the risk of caring for the entire population they earn lots of money. With the acceptance of new devices and wearables, tech has got more sophisticated. While all would not ready the benefits of tracking issues of heart by wearables, some would definitely.


  • Entry of Amazon: It’s a big pickle how Amazon came into the health industry and is difficult to understand. The one’s who followed the Amazon closely in 2018 can only understand the enthusiastic plan. In 2019, Amazon is going to enter the health care for with insurance plans.


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What are the ways which you can use to improve health by technology?

  • Blood pressure: The Omron Evolv is a blood pressure measuring device extremely hand and is wireless. Motive it is clinically proven even. Not only this the user can easily check his/her blood pressure over it. You can measure, record and share the data with your personal physician just by the help of an app. Both have to install Omron Connect which is compatible for both Android and iOS. It is one of the most favored device in health care field.


  • Coffee maker: While you are out for camping or backpacking or in a hotel where there is no facility to make coffee, the Wacaco Minipresso espresso maker is a very small and portable device which can be used anytime and anywhere. You won’t have to miss it on your first-morning coffee due to any reason. If you are into black coffee, it had endless benefits such as it reduces the risk of cancer and DNA damage. Drinking coffee keeps your arteries from getting clogged.


  • BioScarf

         Next gadget which will revolutionize the healthcare industry is the BioScarf. BioScarf is an awesome, warm and           comfortable fashion accessory. It is a comfortable scarf and an air filtration device. The best thing about this                 device is that it lowers the risk of respiratory health issues.

         This is stylish fashion accessory and filters our around 90 % of the allergens and pollutants.

  • Soup maker: This gadget can be rented as yet another perfect gadget for people who love to stay healthy. Scott is a Hong Kong-based company, it allowed you to sit freely and gets your soup ready. Moreover, it had 5 different automated programs such as thaw, smoothie, soup, sauce and auto cleaning.


  • Increasing Metabolism: Oracle One Touch coffee maker, an espresso machine that is fully automated which is best for coffee lovers. It pulverizes the coffee beans itself with an inbuilt grinder.


  • Water Purifier: Zero water purifier, delivers water equivalent to bottled water. The purifier leverages a ‘pour-through system’ that provides you with appropriate filtration. The filtration is accredited by NSF International as this device reduces heavy metals successfully. Lead, chromium, and Mercury everything is reduced.


                              In 2019, more research is taking place and new devices will be there out in the market to improve the health conditions of patients easily and effortlessly.

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