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DesignCap Review

DesignCap – Amaze Your Customers with a Sale Flyer

For every Business, whatever you are running a bakery, boutique, clothing store, restaurant, jewellery shop real estate company, there always comes with the situation that you are just in the need of a sale flyer. But if you don’t know any skill of design and don’t have a design team, what should you do? Don’t worry. DesignCap would help you out.


DesignCap is an online flyer maker software that gives you the opportunity to explore about hundreds of professionally designed flyer designed for all types of businesses. All you need to do is add your own photo and customize the layouts, fonts, colors, etc. to create a look that suits your band. And all that cool stuff can be done for free!!


DesignCap: Free Flyer and Poster Maker


What All Can you Do with DesignCap:–

Pick a template
Click “Make a Free Poster/Flyer” to get started. You will be directed into the app. DesignCap offers hundreds professionally designed templates, which are divided into many categories such as promotion, education, sport, holiday, and many more. You can go through them one by one or just pick one from a specific category. Here let’s choose a template for boutique as an example.

DesignCap Review
DesignCap Flyer Maker Online Software

Change photos
As you can see there are several preset photos in the template. Just change them to your own photos to make it suitable for your own needs. DesignCap allows users to add photos in three ways: computer, Facebook, online photo stock. Once you add your own photo in, you are free to adjust its opacity, effect, brightness, contrast and so on.

Free Online Flyer Maker
Free Online Flyer Maker

Tell customers the big sale info
For a sale flyer, detailed information about the sale is the most important thing you should never forget. Add the information besides the products. And then change the font, color, size, position to make it perfect.

Add other decorations
If you like, you can add clipart images and background to overwrite the whole design. But it’s OK to keep some of them. DesignCap provides many preset clipart images and online clipart image store to decorate your flyer for free.

DesignCap Review

Save your sale flyer
Once everything is finished, save your boutique sale flyer. DesignCap offers four sizes for choosing, Small, Medium, Larger and XLarge. If you want, you can save your flyer as a project file for later editing or just print it out directly. Here is what I just created.

We believe that Flyers and posters are the best marketing tools for any business.  A Flyer is one of the most effective way. Just make an amazing one using DesignCap and promote your business for free. It won’t cost you a dim. Why not just have a try??

So, this was all about DesignCap Software, Free Flyer Maker. If you have any queries regarding the app, feel free to ask us in the comments section below. Stay Tuned with AllBuzzUpdates for more updates about free online softwares and Apps.

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