Smartphones: A Boon or a Bane | Are These Smartphones Really Making You Smart

Disadvantages of Smartphones


“Smartphone is definitely smarter than us to be able to keep us addicted to it.” 
― Munia Khan

This is a digital age and things are changing at a fast pace. Smartphones have become a very common part of our daily life. We can spend a day without food but it has become really hard to spend a day without a phone. Smartphones have made our lives easy, no doubt but on the other hand it has a lot of disadvantages that we tend to ignore or can’t notice. Smartphone addiction is one such issue. Smartphone addiction is increasing day by day. Technology is made for the benefit of humans and to make their life comfortable but it is rightly said that excess of everything is bad! Same is the case with smartphones.

Mobile Phone was invented to make communications with your friends and closed ones easier but with the advancement in smartphone technology, the way we use it in our daily life has completely changed. Now it has become more of an entertainment device for us. We can play our favourite games, watch movies, video songs, enjoy our latest music, chat with our friends and loved ones, and much more. No doubt it has made our lives smooth in various ways but there are some drawbacks or disadvantages too. Let us check how excessive use of smartphones affects our lives.

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Disadvantages of Smartphone in our daily life

1. Lack of Concentration

Smartphones badly affect our concentration. Students devote a lot of time chatting and surfing the internet. WhatsApp is one of the common messengers that is used by people nowadays and students are getting addicted to it. It affects the overall grades and marks of the students in their school and college exams. Even in the time of exams they are busy chatting with their friends or playing games on mobile phones when they should focus more on studies.



2. Health Issues

bad effects of smartphones

Smartphones are becoming a big cause of physical and mental health issues nowadays. We spend a lot of time on mobile phones late at night before sleeping. A sound sleep is necessary for our body. Our body needs at least 7-8 hours of sleep after a long schedule of working so that our mind and body get charged up for the next day. But instead of relaxing our mind and sleeping we keep it busy with the Whatsapp messages and other modes of communication with our friends and colleagues. Following this same routine disturbs our sleep cycle and badly affects the way our brain functions. This lead to hidden mind problems that take the form of major problems in later life. The problem of anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorders have increased at a very fast pace in past few years and excessive use of mobile phones for longer duration without breaks is the major cause of all these problems. Psychologists themselves say that excessive use of mobile phones affects our mind and body. We are becoming obese and lethargic because of lack of exercises and physical activity. Smartphones may contain a lot of bacterias which are not visible to us and we keep using our mobile phones even when we are eating something.


3. Use of Smartphones While Driving is Becoming a big Cause of Road Accidents

disadvantages of smartphones

People have become so much addicted and obsessed to their mobile phones that they can not even drive without their mobile phones. It is very common to notice someone attending mobile calls while driving. They forget that they are not alone on the road and this disturbs the pace with which the traffic is moving and many times it leads to the collision of vehicles. Imagine someone a vehicle coming behind you while you are driving and talking to someone while driving. This disturbs the flow all the vehicles moving behind you. Delhi is one of the places where accidents due to the use of mobile phones have become very common. So, we should take a pledge that we will not use our mobile phones while driving.


4. Leisure Time Which Should be Given To Family is Spent on Our Smartphones

bad effects of smartphones
Bad effects of smartphones in our life

People are getting busier nowadays as compared to earlier times. Privatization of various sectors has led to long hours spent in our office. MNC jobs are becoming too much demanding and it has shortened the amount of leisure time the employees have. And the little time they get on weekends is also spent on smartphones. The time that should be given to family is spent on a smartphone. This affects our relationship and we tend to ignore our responsibilities towards family. Our children expect that we will play with them and take them out for the picnic but No! We focus more on our smartphones and its virtual life.

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5. Smartphone Separates Us from Everyone

Smartphones create a virtual world around us, we remain lost in on our world playing games, watching movies etc. We ignore all the relationships, our family members and relatives. We have no time for them! Smartphones create a feeling in your mind that you don’t need anyone. We remain detached from everyone.


So, these were the 5 common side effects or disadvantages of the excessive use of smartphones. Though there is a long list of the bad effects of using smartphones more than normal, but we will discuss them in our upcoming posts. Stay tuned with AllBuzzUpdates.



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