Tricks Behind the Success of every E – Commerce Business

Ecommerce Business Tricks

One of the most exciting and surprising business sectors of Indian is E-commerce. With the ever-increasing number of aspiring urban and rural internet-connected customers, there’s a huge scope of online selling. A vast one-time customer base is present in India without a doubt. The concept of online shopping is not unknown to Indian users. Domestic E-commerce players like Yahoo! shopping, Rediff shopping, Sity Shopping, Indiatimes shopping, and Homeshop18 have been in the E-commerce market of Indian since the early 2000s; though they are nowhere near the top players of the industry in India today.


The main reason for this is their lack of market demand sense, skewed focus towards the sellers instead of the client and limited product catalog. Furthermore, the client’s sentiment wasn’t this strong back then because of lack of trustworthiness for online shopping.


Winds of change

However, over the last five or six years, the e-commerce industry in India has been drastically changed and there has been an influx of new start-up companies. Currently, Amazon, Flipkart, and Snapdeal are the leaders of this market. Back in 2012-13 Flipkart grew at the rate of 476% in terms of goods sold which was the clear sign of increasing and improving the E-commerce market.


Aside from that with the arrival of JIO 4g internet which is a lot cheaper than any other internet schemes the number of internet users has increased immensely which in turn automatically contributes to the growth of every other E-commerce websites because an individual is sure to use these services when they get access to the internet.

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There are few things that each of these major E-commerce companies follows are here are these tricks that make them the current market leaders of E-commerce Industry of India:



The success of these companies largely stems from their innovative practices and technologies. Take echo, for example, it is a voice command device by Amazon. The progressive mindset of all these companies always bears fruits, and they always provide their clients with persuading offers and sales that individuals are tempted to purchase from them.



All of these E-commerce companies have world-class customer service, they clearly understand the lack of trust of Indian clients in the online shopping services and their 24×7 customer services have played a huge role in their success. They have also developed several useful tools like live order tracking which brings in more convenience to their online shopping experience. These customer services swiftly resolve all of the issues that clients might be facing with their order. These customer services are available in the regional language which makes it easier for any clients to avail it.


Another form of customer service that has made their success possible is the social media through which employees get to engage with the shoppers and they also notify them of new products and sale with the help of their social media pages.



These E-commerce companies have done everything right when taking a customer’s order and executing it efficiently. They choose the product and services that their clients demand and require and control their distribution centers across the different areas that allow them to instantly shop products. Their execution service is so easy and straight-forward that even a child can order what they want easily with it.


4) Special offers

They also persuade their clients to use their services by allowing special promo codes or special membership services like Amazon prime through which users can avail additional discounts in their orders. Websites like IndiaShoppers offers every newly allotted promo or discount codes by all of these major e-commerce giants which greatly enhance their client base. The prices they offer are already less than any retail shop because they directly deal with wholesalers and when one applies promo code for their offers they can get their orders for almost half the price. Aside from this these companies also offer seasonal sales which are an instant boom in the market these days.


So, these are some of the possible tricks behind the success of every E-commerce giant in the Indian market, if you are also planning for your own start-up then consider following these norms because without these your business is doomed to fail just like those e-commerce companies of early 2000.s.


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