How the New Facebook Desktop Design Looks [ Update ]

Facebook new design

Facebook has become one of the most used social media platforms. Facebook has gained a lot of popularity and has left behind all other social media platforms competing with it. Facebook is not just about interacting with your friends and family members. It is much more than that! Facebook allows businesses to reach a wider audience.


According to the Stats of NapoleanCat. there were 292 860 000 users in India in the month of December. According to these stats, around 22% of the overall population use Facebook in India. 22.2 % of these were female and 77.8% were males.

Facebook users in India 2018


Facebook New Design Update

Facebook keeps rolling new features and updates for its users. Recently, it has come up with a new design for the Facebook desktop and mobile version. The Facebook new design has larger fonts and the posts appear quite clearly. The left and the right widget now have bold text. You can switch between the Facebook new design and the classic version whenever you want to. All the users will be notified to try this new update. Now Facebook focuses on showing less feeds to the users. The New Facebook design has an all-white and a dark mode for users.


Facebook New design


Facebook New Design: All white Mode

The All white mode has all bold texts with clear and brighter look. At F8 2019 conference Mark Zuckerberg showed the all-white mode to its users.


Facebook New Design: Dark Mode

The dark mode gives your facebook design a completely new look. A lot of platforms are using the dark mode. How could Facebook stay behind?


Facebook officially announced on its twitter handle that a lot of users will start noticing this update.




More Priority to The Facebook Groups

In the new update released by Facebook, it will focus more on Facebook groups instead of the Facebook feed. Facebook said that its main motto is to bring people closer. Now Facebook will show more connections mutual in a group to its users. The way content is delivered in group may also change. The feed will show you more groups you may be interested in. It will show you the Facebook marketplace and group suggestions.


Well, I feel the Facebook feed area has been reduced a lot and the widget areas have been increased. What are your views about the new Facebook design? Don’t forget to tell us which mode you like the most, the All white mode or the Facebook dark mode. Stay connected with AllBuzzUpdates for more tech news and updates.


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