Google Plus Shuts Down Due To A Security Breach | RIP Google +

Google Plus Shuts Down

Google Plus Shuts Down

Google Plus, a popular social media Platform will no longer be available very soon because Google Shuts down Google+ after the announcement surfaced that personal data from more than 4 lakh profiles have been exposed to outside developers. This is a major action taken by Google concerning the security of Google Plus user’s profile data. It was found that there was a bug which exposed the profile data of Google + users. You will be shocked to know that the bug remained present in Google+ for almost 2 years.

Google Officially announced the statement and also made an announcement that though the bug has been found but no proof of personal data misuse of any Google Plus profile has been found till now. Is Google hiding something, or avoiding the issues?? We can’ t comment on that right now but the fact is that Google wants to avoid any kind of legal issues and blames. Due to the news of Google + Shutting down the shares of its parent company Alphabet Inc. came down by around 1 to 1.5 percent.

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Google Plus was a good platform for people to interact with the world. People used to share their thoughts, blog posts, published articles and much more. It was a good platform for publishers and influencers. It proved to be a good way of networking for bloggers and content creators but unfortunately, its life is over and they will not be able to use it anymore.

RIP Google +

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