How To ByPass Netflix VPN Ban: Step By Step Guide

How to Bypass Netflix VPN


How To ByPass Netflix VPN Ban

In today’s generation online TV shows, series and movies are the greatest attraction for teenagers and adults. People spend loads and loads of time gazing over cell phones and laptops. Some are binge watchers i.e. if they start watching something it’s hard for them to leave it in between and do some other works. So, a good place for all the movies and TV series to be in there is necessary and what better than Netflix is there. Netflix has a collection of Hollywood to Bollywood movies, series and TV shows. The best of the movies and TV shows are available in it. So the special shows are there which is just for Netflix users.

Netflix provides a subscription to it in various deals. It can be for 3 months, 6 months and for an year even. The rate varies from country to country. Though it’s a bit expensive but worth the payment. Netflix has over 139million subscription to it. Netflix has expanded the distribution and production of both television series and film since 2012. It offers a variety of Netflix Originals. There are different kinds of content in it including cartoons to comedy and thriller even. There are some series and movies which are meant fir adults only and properly mentioned. For kids there are cartoons and many stand up comedy shows.

There are geo-restrictions in Netflix. What we mean by geo-restrictions is that few series or movies can play in any particular region only. Specific shows are there for specific countries and places and no one else outside the place can access through it. Though this is very irritating at times but you can’t help it much. The thing you can do is to use the best Netflix VPN’s like Express VPN, Nord VPN, IPVanish, etc.  Netflix sometimes bans the VPN’s which we use. So, knowing how to bypass the VPN’s is necessary and useful too.

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How is the VPN detected by Netflix?

When a VPN server is connected a new IP address is allocated to your connection. Same IP address is hypothecated to you and other users on the same server by the VPN providers. This means we are not the only ones, using the particular server. The reasons of same IP address are:

  • To prolong the anonymity the VPN is used. When there are many users on the server with same IP address, online anonymity is easily conserved.
  • VPN providers saves more per connection by providing the same IP address. Thus, making it cost effective for them. Moreover, they can lower the subscription fee charged by the user.

There are many Netflix users who are using and are supported by the Netflix VPN, registered in any particular server at a given point of time. The same IP address users bring the server on the radar. Though the company identifies the IP address which is belonging to a VPN server. And hence the IP address is blocked restricting the streaming of region-restricted content.

There’s always a solution to any problem, so thus this one have. We can bypass the VPN ban by following simple steps.

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How To ByPass NetFlix VPN BanSteps

  • Using those VPN’s for Netflix that could bypass the VPN block by Netflix is necessary.
  • Using VPN’s that can fly under Netflix’s radar is the best, simplest and easiest way.

A good VPN provider changes its IP address regularly and so Netflix cannot identify them.

  • You can format the VPN to use a lesser-known port if the VPN’s used on your network is identified by your network’s administrator and they close the ports.
  • You should use a secure browser that makes your IP address i.e. the tor. Users can share and ingress contents which are online with the help of the tor browser.
  • It also acts as a powerful tool to bypass the VPN block.
  • Tor prevents the administrators of the network to track your activity by passing your data through its network of servers.


Final statements:

This is the way to bypass the VPN banned imposed by Netflix. So, this will definitely help you to tackle the problem easily. We hope that you understand How to Bypass Netflix VPN. If you still have any queries feel free to ask us in the comments section below.

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