How To Delete Old Emails from Gmail Automatically: Gmail Auto Purge

How to Delete Old Emails Automatically
Gmail Auto Purge
Gmail is one of the most popular email services used by people all around the world. People prefer to use Gmail because it is easy to use and provides a lot of features. If you run a business then having a Gmail account is a must. All the official and business deals, pitching or proposal are done over an email. If you wish to apply for a job then too having an email id is a must. Most of the companies ask for the email IDs of the applicant. If you are into an online business or something then you may get a lot of emails on daily basis. Some of these emails are useful and many of the emails are not of any use to us. These unwanted emails get collected and occupy space.


 The Microsoft Outlook, the email client has an Auto Sweep Feature, by which folder email messages get deleted automatically after the specific period of time. Though there are features and filters to delete messages in Gmail but this feature works for new emails only. If you wish that Gmail Auto Purge all your previous newsletters emails from companies then it is not possible for the older emails right now. So to solve this problem Amit Agarwal of has developed an email addon tool named as Email studio. Email Studio is an awesome tool which will keep your email inbox neat clean and tidy. It will automatically pause all the unwanted old Emails and newsletters from your inbox.


How To Delete Old Emails From Gmail Automatically

Below we have listed some of the things that you can do with the help of Email Studio on your Gmail.
1. Delete mails which have been received by a specific sender and are more than a month old
2. You can add a label and ‘mark as read ‘ for All the emails wich are lying in your email inbox for more than 3 months
3. You can add the star label to those email with an important and are present in your mailbox from past 2 weeks
4.  You can permanently remove all those emails which are present in your trash folder and are useless to you. It will remove all the spam emails from the spam folder and Trash folder after 2 days
5. You can add the ‘Follow Up ‘label to all the email which have been marked and start by you.


How to Enable Auto Purge in Gmail: Gmail Auto Purge

To remove the unwanted messages from your Gmail inbox, first of all, install Email Studio tool
Open the email Studio tool and sign-in with your email account. You can add a new rule on the email messages you have selected. it offers you the feature to select emails according to a condition and then can add the desired action to those emails. You can make use of the Google Search operators like newer_than or has: attachment or larger_than to perform the action. Isn’t that Cool? Email studio Tool is free to use but to enjoy more rules you need to buy the Email Studio premium version. Buy the premium version of Email Studio below:–

Email Studio for Gmail: By Amit Agarwal



Who Developed Email Studio?
Email Studio has been developed by Amit Agwarwal, a popular Indian blogger and founder of Digital Inspiration. He has also developed awesome tools like Document Studio and Google Notifications etc.

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Features of Email Studio


1. Mail Merge Feature.
2. Scheduler to schedule your emails
3. Send Messages, later on, fix the time schedule.
4. Bulk Forwarding option to forward bulk emails from older emails collection
5. Gmail Auto Purge to remove all older emails from the inbox.
6. Email Unsubscriber to unsuscribe from advertsing and other marketing mails you are not interested for.
Email Support: [email protected]
Contact Digital Inspiration:


So, this was all about the Email Studio Tool developed by Amit Agarwal of Now we hope that you have understood how to delete older Gmail messages automatically. Stay tuned with AllBuzzUpdates.


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