How To Earn Money From Blogging: 6 Best Methods [ With Earning Secrets ]

how to earn money from blogging

Blogging has become more than a hobby thing. Earlier people used to do blogging as a hobby but now it has become more than that. People are taking it as a full-time profession. You can earn a living from Blogging if you follow the correct strategy. Blogging can fulfill all your dreams but you should keep in mind that you should not consider it as get rich quick scheme. In Blogging, you need to have patience in the beginning phase. You need to work harder and smarter to earn from Blogging. Blogging is the only thing which opens various modes of earning from a single thing. If you run a blog which has a good traffic and high authority then your single blog can open various ways to earn from it. Though there are a lot of ways to earn money from blogging in this article, we will talk about the best ways to earn money from blogging


  1. Google Adsense

How to earn money from Blogging

Google Adsense is one of the best ways to earn from your blog. Google Adsense is a monetization programme which is run by Google for its publishers. Google pays a percentage share to the publishers who work for Google. You should have a unique blog to earn money from your blog. You need to apply for the Adsense programme. Google will ask for the basic details of your blog and address details. Then Google will check your website or blog. It will check if it meets the terms and conditions. Google asks you to add ad codes on your website or blog. Then you can earn from the Ad clicks and impressions.

The more the traffic you have the more the chances of the earning from ad clicks and impressions increases. All the clicks and impressions are recorded in your Adsense account and you can check how much amount you have earned in a particular period. To get your earning transferred per month you need to make a minimum threshold of 100$. The amount gets transferred to your bank account. The CPC, cost per click depends on the geographical area and keywords. If you want to earn more from Google Adsense then you can work on targeted keywords with high volume and low keyword density.

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2. Affiliate Marketing

how to earn money from Blogging

Affiliate Marketing is another best method to earn from Blogging. Affiliate Marketing is one of the best methods to earn a decent income from your present blog. But Affiliate marketing needs the correct strategy. You need to learn the basics of Affiliate Marketing. There are a lot of Affiliate marketing companies that offer very good commission percentage and conversions per sale. Each brand has its own way of working and payout. Most of the affiliate programmes pay out when you convert traffic into sales. But there are few who pay for directing traffic or visitors to a company’s channels. Some affiliates pay for page views. Like a particular amount for 1000 views.

To start earning from Affiliate marketing you should have some traffic. The more traffic you have more the chances of people buying from your Affiliate links increases. To get the most out of your Affiliate Programme you should work on writing genuine reviews and posts on the products and services. You should describe the features and benefits of using the product or service. You should not write wrong information just to convert into sales. This will not be a good thing in the long run as it will create doubt on your content and they will start losing trust in the content you write.


Some of the Popular Affiliate Marketing Networks:-

1. Amazon Associates

2. ShareASale

3. Clickbank


Amazon Associates pay you a good amount if you get a sale done. You can get an Amazon Affiliate site designed by your web designer or you can design it on your own if you have good web designing skills. You need to signup for the Amazon Associates Programme to start sharing amazon products link or banners on your website. Isn’t that cool? I have myself used the Amazon Affiliate Programme and you should give it a try. You can also promote Amazon Affiliate links on your own blog if you can not make a separate site for Affiliates.

Next, I would recommend you to sign up for the ShareASale Affiliate Network Programme as it has the widest range of merchants on it. You can check out the payout plans of multiple Affiliate network and brands in one single place. You can add multiple Affiliate links or banners on a single site.

A common question that may arise in your mind when you start Affiliate marketing will be,” CAN I ADD MY AFFILIATE LINKS OR BANNERS ON THE SAME SITE ON WHICH I AM USING GOOGLE ADSENSE”. So, the answer is yes you can do so. Google Adsense does not have any issue with that but overdoing a hell lot of Affiliate banners and links will reduce the readability. It may create a bad impression on the visitors coming to your site.


3. Sponsored Posts

how to earn money from blogging

If you are a newbie then you may not be having much idea about Sponsored posts. You may find it strange in the beginning that bloggers are paid very well just for adding a post with a backlink. Even my students don’t believe that but yeah slowly you will realize that. Sponsored posts are actually a very good way of making a decent income from your blog. Sponsored posts are articles or content which is sponsored by a company or brand. The PRs reach you via your social media channels or emails.

In most cases, they prefer an Official email. If you are a new blogger and your DA PA is not that good you can expect something between 15-25$ depending on client’s paying capacity and your blog metrics. As soon as your blog DA PA, traffic and other metrics improve you will start getting higher payout sponsored posts offers. Sites having DA between 20-30 can easily get 30-50$ or more depending upon site strength. After your site ‘s age and domain authority increase, you will be getting good sponsored posts requests with very good payouts.


Getting 200-300$ for one post is true but you need to make sure that your blog is worth it. Your blog should be updated on regular basis and you should have a very good organic ranking. I get a lot of sponsored posts offers. People ask me how come they don’t get so many offers. So, the secret behind this ( according to what I have understood) is that I have good social and influence reach and effect. You can also get more paid posts offers if you do the following thing:

  1. Work on your organic rankings
  2. Share your posts on Google Plus and Pinterest.
  3. Flipboard is good for getting more page views as well as brand connections
  4. Quora is an excellent platform for publishers. Share your content on Quora.
  5. Make an ‘Advertise With Us Page. This particular secret will do wonders for you. If you are a newbie then you would not have added such a page on your blog.

All these steps will definitely help you in getting more PR emails and sponsored posts offers.


4. Guest Posts

Guest Posts are somewhat similar to Sponsored posts but the difference is that in most cases guest post is done by SEO persons or bloggers who are looking for a do-follow backlink to improve the ranking of their blog posts. In sponsored posts, the main aim of the companies is to get more exposure and outreach. You can get paid well if you have a good social networking. Facebook is the best thing to get more and more paid posts offers. There are a lot of Blogging groups. You can join the groups and can grow your network. The more networking you do the more chances of paid posts offers increases. You can personally announce in the groups that you are accepting paid posts and this way you can get more offers.

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5. Sell Ebooks Online

how to earn money from blogging

E-books are in a trend nowadays. Gone are those days when people were dependent only on paper books. Life has become digital so has the habit of reading. Ebooks are a good way to read something. You do not need to carry the books, you can read them anywhere. Selling Ebooks can bring you some extra dollars. If you have a deeper knowledge of a field or subject then you can write an ebook on the same.

You can share the knowledge you have gained in the form of an ebook. If you are an SEO expert or have good knowledge of SEO then you can put all your knowledge and information in one single ebook and then you can share the copies on your own platform. You can set up a payment gateway on your blog to receive the payments. You can write an ebook on Health Tips and Secrets if you are running a blog on the health and fitness niche. You can manage subscriptions from premium members. So, EBook selling is also one of the best ways to earn money from Blogging.


6. Sell Guest Posts

Another way of earning from Blogging is that apart from your own blog you can sell guets post on other peopl’s blogs. If you have a good network of clients then you can connect with other bloggers of the same niche. You can share your client’s requirement with them and also ask your client if he needs more site for guest posting. You can act as a mediator, you just have to share the client’s post with the person and decide the guest post charges. Let me give you an example. For ex. you have a  connection with tech bloggers and you have a lot of tech clients then you can share the blogs of your friends or bloggers in your network with your clients.

If he or she approves it then you can share the post given by the client to your friends. And let us say he is offering 100$ for a post, you can share the quote as 70$ with your friend, rest you can keep as commission. A lot of bloggers are making some extra dollars this way.


7. Promote Your Own Brand or Services

If you have started an online business or startup then you can take help of your own blog to promote your products and services. A blog is a permanent and cheapest mode of advertising. A good blog will a good number of readers will bring more eyes to your products or services. You will get more exposure. You can add the buying link to your products or services. For ex, if you are into health equipments online selling then you can write a genuine review or an informative article on the health products and can also share the buying links of the products or services you offer.


So, today in this article we told you how to earn money from Blogging. Hope you liked the article. Don’t forget to share your views on the same. Stay Tuned with AllBuzzUpdates for more updates related to Blogging Tips, Blog monetization and Online Earning. Connect with AllBuzzUpdates on FacebookIf you wish to Learn Blogging and SEO for free, you are welcome to join our Facebook Group.

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