How To Use Quora To Increase Your Blog Traffic [ Quora Hacks ]

Quora hacks

Social media’s power is not hidden from anyone. We all have seen many businesses getting tremendous growth with the power of social media. The most popular social media platforms are Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Instagram, Quora etc. Today in this article we will talk about a superb platform Quora. Quora users have grown with an exponential rate in past few years. Quora is basically a question/answer forum where you can ask whatever questions you have in your mind. Then the experts of that subject replies to your questions. If you are a blogger then Quora is something that you must use.

Quora will bring a boost to your blog, no doubt but there are few things that you need to keep in your mind. You should never forget that Quora is very strict if we talk about its policies. It accepts spams at no cost. Quora takes no time in blocking you temporarily so don.t ever try to spam it. You should learn from Professional bloggers who have experienced an unimaginable boost in their overall traffic. The best thing about Quora is that it will bring directed traffic to your blog.

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How To Bring More Traffic To Your Blog using Quora


1. Make a Professional Quora Profile

The first and foremost thing that you need to do is to make an active and professional Quora profile. Add your best picture, make sure it is clear enough. Add a proper bio in your profile. Add a few lines describing your expertise and what all you do. Don’t forget to add all your qualifications. Also, add all the skills you have gained till now.

Example: Professional Quora Profile


2. Be active on Quora from Day 1

Try to be active on your Quora Profile from day 1. Look for questions, you think you can answer perfectly and start answering them. Try to keep the answers detailed (only wherever necessary, don’t add unnecessary words ). Add relevant images to the answers and add references wherever necessary. Make proper paragraphs in your answer and add para breaks to maintain the flow of reading. Don’t deviate from the theme of the question. Also add stats and references to your answers whenever necessary.

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3. Do Not Add Spammy Links 

Quora is very strict with spammers. Don’t’ ever try to spam Quora because they take no time in blocking your Quora account. A spammy link means a link which brings no quality or relevance to the readers or something which is done only with an aim to create a redirect to your blog or website. If you wish you can add reference links of your posts but in a proper way. Don’t add too many links of the same blog. Also, avoid using multiple links of the same post.


4. Follow Other Quora Members

Working on building a trust factor and a wide audience reach on Quora can bring quality traffic to your blog. For this, start following other Quora members who belong to the same domain. The more followers you have more engagement you will be getting on your posts. Check if you can answer questions asked by your followers.

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5. Follow Topics of Your Interest

Quora gives you the option to select your interests. Select the topics which attract you the most. Like if you are a tech geek then you can go fo the following interests: Artificial Intelligence, Computers, Technology, Android, Future etc


5. Make use of the Share URL option

Quora gives you the option to add URL directly. If you own a website or blog, you can share the URL of your latest posts. This way you can bring more eyes to your posts and increase your overall blog traffic. The traffic that you will get from Quora will be a targetted one. Quality traffic is always better than traffic which brings no benefit. Only those people will visit that link who are really interested in that subject.


6. Add Your Blog Links to Your Profile

Another way to bring more traffic to your blog or website using Quora is to add the blog links in your Quora profile. Add links of blogs that you own. Also add the tag line of your blog which gives an idea to the readers about the theme of the blog.

So, these were few Quora hacks that you can use to bring quality and targetted traffic to your blog. We will share more traffic strategies in our next posts. If you have any queries feel free to ask us. Stay tuned with AllBuzzUpdates.


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