Lucky Patcher APK Download 2019 [ Version 8.3.8 ]

Lucky Patcher APK Download

Lucky Patcher APK v 8.3.8

Lucky Patcher is said to be present in all the devices as the presence of this supplication makes you do a lot of things. There are two different ways of having this supplication that is either with the root access or without the root access. If given the access to root access, you can do a lot with the lucky patcher. It is is one of the best tools which give you the option to make modifications to your app. With Lucky Patcher APK version 8.3.8 you can easily block the irritating advertisements, modify the internal permissions of the apps and much more. 

                         Lucky patcher is an application used to create custom patches or modified APK’s without root access. It patches Android application.

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Features of Lucky Patcher APK

Manage Permissions

With this app you can easily modify the permissions of various apps. Isn’t that cool enough?


Move your Apps to the SD Card

Sometimes we are short of memory on our phone. In case you have limited space on your android phone, you will wish to move some apps to the SD card but not all the apps can be easily moved to the SD card. So, for that purpose the lucky patcher official app latest version comes to the rescue. Just select the apps you want to move to SD card and you are done.


Ad-Free Experience

The best thing about the Lucky Patcher Official app for android is that you can easily remove the ads from the apps and you can enjoy the Ad free experience. We all hate ads and this app is the perfect solution to this


Make In-App Purchases for Free

On Google playstore, there are a hell lot of free apps but there are many premium apps and in some apps some parts are premium and you need to pay for them to fully use those apps. Lucky patcher APK allows you to do free In-App Purchase.


ByPass the License Verification

You all must have noticed that we face some license issues when we install an app or something from a third party website. This may happen due to problems in their license.  Lucky patcher creates custom patches and helps you to bypass the license verification for your app. This way you can use that app without the issue of license verification. Isn’t that amazing?

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  • Lucky patcher remove ads from other apps and games on your device.


         This is helpful because we get irritated if ads come in between our use. No one likes disturbance while playing games. This is considered to be the best feature of the application.


  • Nowadays there is in app purchases in every game. If you are using lucky patcher APK you will not need to buy the in app purchases. All the paid apps gets in access free of cost. Therefore making the application have a good use in your Android device. This is why there are millions of download of the app.


  • Many of you wish sometimes, to convert a particular application on your phone to system application. But to disappointment there are not many told to let you do so. But lucky patcher allowed you to do so and it is considered to be the highest rated feature of the application. So, you can use this application to convert any application to system application.


  • Using this application you can backup an application in the external file of you Android device. This feature is known to be very helpful and important. This feature let users trust the application more than before.


How to Download Lucky patcher V 8.3.8


               It is very easy and simple to download Lucky patcher on your device. Though chrome shows a malware warning, but here is the good to download and install the application.


 Step 1: Firstly we need to go to the download page and click on Download Lucky Patcher Installer. A new page from Mediafire appears and there you need to click the download option.

Lucky Patcher APK 8.5.8

 Step 2: After the download is finished, install the LP installer. Open the app and a dialog appears where you need to click the Yes button.

lucky 2

 Step3: You need to go to the setting and allow unknown services option. And after all this process is finished, you need to click Install and its done.

Download Lucky Patcher APK Now


Requirements for Lucky Patcher APK Download

Make sure you consider the following requirements of Lucky Patcher APK before installing this app.

  1. Your Phone must be rooted if you wish to use this apk on your android smartphone
  2. Your android version should be more than 2.3.3 ( ie. Gingerbread)
  3. You should have free internal storage of around 12 GB for this app to function properly
  4. 2 GB RAM is essential for the proper functioning of this app


How To Use Lucky Patcher App:  Video Tutorial

Video credit: CTB Quan


How To Fix Not Installed Error during Lucky Patcher APK Installation

We have got messages from many Lucky Patcher App users that it shows Lucky Patcher APK Not Installed error when they try to install latest version of Lucky Patcher APK.

1. Open Google PlayStore in your android smartphone and click on the Play Protect button on the left side


2. Then you need to turn off Scan device for security threats option ( You don’t need to worry about this option. It is safe to disable it for this app). It will not cause any issues to your smartphone.

3. Your device may show a warning to you when you do so but you need not worry about that and click on the Ok button in that dialog box.

Now after doing this try to install the Lucky Patcher APK again in your android smartphone and you are done. We hope that now this app will be installed easily on your device.


How to remove license verification?

  • It’s important to use only the verified original APK signed by the developer as a target.
  • Then we need to tap the application name and select “ Remove License Agreement”.
  • Next step is to select auto mode and check with the internet access.
  • If by chance the result is negative, select Auto Mode(inverse) or Extreme Auto Mode.
  • Your progress will be registered if you are lucky enough.


How to change App Permissions in Lucky Patcher?


  • Firstly to the name of the application and select “ Change Permission” .
  • Then tap the permission to disable (Red).
  • And again tap permission to enable (Green)
  • Lastly tap Apply ( Reboot).


        To conclude we can say that Lucky patcher is a must have application in your Android device. As, the application has many benefits. Therefore download and install the application to avail the benefits of it

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