Modern Combat 5 APK Download 2019 Version 3.5.0 g [ Free Download ]

Modern Combat 5 APK

Modern Combat 5 APK

Everybody loves action games. They are thrilling, amazing, happening and most of all they are a lot of fun to play. Games have changed a lot over years and what was hard then(ease of availability of fun packed games) has been so simplified. obviously, why visit big gaming parlours if we can have all of the fun and adrenaline rush playing the same games over our smart devices. Hence we bring to you Modern Combat 5 APK game. Packed with amazing high definition graphics which has been developed by Gameloft. This game has been inspired by the call of duty saga(another fortune of the gaming century).

Action and adrenaline rush seekers will have the greatest playing experience over this game as this game includes a lot of action and battles. No doubt that this game is one of the best action game out there. Developers have completely moderated this game and transformed it by increasing the level of shooting and much more. You can also enjoy the team experience with this games as this game allows you to team up with other players for shooting battles. Multiplayer mode is also enabled that consists of many customizations than just the single mod.

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Modern Combat 5 Game Official Video YouTube | Trailer

Modern Combat 5 APK | Free Download [Android]


Modern Combat 5 APK is available for free download. Download the Game Here
Download Latest Version Here

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Features of Modern Combat 5 Game

  • The best action game with more than one hundred million downloads among the gaming family.
  • Comes handy with dynamic visual graphics hance providing different level gaming experience.
  • Players can choose both single-player modes as well as team modes and multiplayer modes.
  • Connect and fight with millions of alike gamers around the world.
  • Has more than 8 playing styles which include heavy racon assaults and much more artillery to your command.
  • talking with connected alike gamers over the internet and game increases user ability and fun while playing .it also increases the excitement to compete in teams.
  •  Many different weapons such as high tier guns and even lower tier guns are available for players.


Additional Features of Modern Combat 5 APK:-

  1. It proves to be the advanced version of its old game of the same name.
  2. You will be getting much more special guns and lifelines.
  3. Better user ability with crystal clear graphics depending upon the graphics card you use.
  4.  Packed with much more advanced shooting tools and equipment for the better gaming experience.
  5. Get all the gaming levels and weapons unblocked by default for players

These were the features of the mighty modern combat 5 as we discussed above

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Requirements to run Modern Combat 5 APK on your devices:–

There are a lot of questions on whether you can run this absolutely marvellous game on your android mobile set or not? So we have jotted down some of the requirements that are necessary for the proper running of this Game. As every application has its own requirements for its proper working. So here you have the requirements:

  •  Android phone with operating system version of 2.3 or above.
  • Modern combat 5 game’s latest version of apk +OBB data
  • Minimum requirement of 1 GB RAM in the phone.

So these were the above-discussed thing that is absolutely necessary for the proper running of this game and so that you can enjoy it to the fullest. Already these above-given minimum requirements are found normally in every smartphone today. You may now that most of the new and latest smartphones already come with 3 GB RAM and OS of 2.3 and higher. So the minimum criteria are already easily fulfilled. You just need to download the application and start enjoying every single bit of it.


Modern Combat 5 Game Version Information.

  1. APK Name: Modern Combat 5.
  2. Version: 3.5.0 g
  3. Last updated: May 25, 2018.
  4. Requirements for Android: 4.0 and higher.
  5. Total downloads: 100,000,000+.
  6. App Size: 55 MB.
  7. Developer: Gameloft


How to install Modern Combat 5 Game?

We have already provided the download link for modern combat 5 game. Now the next important task after downloading the game is to install it to your device weather be it android mobile phone or your PC. As many people have faced problems while downloading and installing the application so here we provide you with the appropriate step by step information on how to install the application.

Step 1: Download the application from the link given above. Remember that downloading might take some time and require a good wifi connection.

Step 2: Once the downloading is finished you have to enable the installation from an unknown source into your mobile set. Manually you can go to settings of the phone and then tick the option of “download from unknown sources”

Step 3: Now you have to open the file manager and then visit the folder where you may have saved the game. Now tap on the game icon to install it.

Modern Combat 5 APK
How to install Modern Combat 5 APK

step 4: Now click to install to start installing the game on your device. Enjoy as now the installation process will commence but will take a minute or two to complete.

Modern Combat 5 APK
How to install Modern Combat 5 APK

step 5: Wait even once the installation is finished the game will not run. For that, you need to download OBB data for the game.

step 6: Extract the OBB file to its location (sd cards . internal storage).

So that’s it. Now you can open the game and start playing it.

So, this was all about the Modern Combat 5 APK Game. Hope you liked the post. You can download the game from the link above. Don’t forget to share it with your friends and other game freaks in your network.


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