Top 7 Police Scanner Apps for Android and iOS [ Download ]

listen to police scanners in your area

Best Police Scanner Apps

      People should be updated with the happenings around them and what easy work then to scroll through an app and get updated. Police scanner apps update you with the incident, crimes, and other things in the city and around the world. Apart from being used as an awareness app it can also be used as an entertainment app.  The top 7 Police scanner apps are available in both Android and iOS versions. 

                    These apps enable you to listen to live events related to police, crime, weather, fire, rail, and so on. You can switch in between channels and mark any of them as your favorites too have a quick access to them. The good thing is that most of the police scanner apps is free to use. New apps every year is hard to find in this genre but the good thing is that the existing apps are updated frequently. 

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7 Top Police Scanner Apps: Download Now

1. Broadcastify Police Scanner

best police scanner APK

This is known to be the best police scanner available for both iOS and Android. The application is packed with some great feature. This app provides access to 6500 police, fire, rail, aviation, marine and amateur radio streams. The search option lets you search through just entering police name and it shows you the location. It allows you to create your favorites list to get easy access whenever needed. This app keeps on updating regularly the real-time statistics for all the channels. The app is free to use but you can also but the premium version of it.

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2. Scanner 911

best Police Scanner Apps

It is one.  of the free police scanner apps for cell phonesIt is also a great app allowing you to listen over thousands of police, fire, and airport scanners around the world. The app helps you to find scanner near you and you can sort them by distance. One of the feature in it is that you can listen to streams in background while using other apps. The sound can be adjusted in it with the built-in amplifiers and equalizers. It is a complete package in itself.

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3. Scanner Radio


One of the best police scanner apps worldwide. Scanner Radio app is available on Android devices. The thing that makes the Scanner Radio app one of the best is that it allows you to listen over 7000 police and fire scanners, weather radio and amateur radio operators. To enable the notification you must switch on the push notification and then you will be able to listen to alerts from more than 3500 listeners. The unique feature of it is that it shows you top 5p scanners that have the maximum listeners. It is regularly updated.

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4. Police Scanner+ 

best iOS police scanner Apps

This Police Scanner APK is available for iOS devices. It allows you to scan the police in an easier way. The app is completely free that means you need not pay a single rupee to use it. The app is intuitive and beautiful. It is so user friendly that you will love to use it. It provides you with the largest collection of fire, EMS, marine, police, talk, comedy, etc. stations. It has over 40,000 stations available for free. The app lets you scan your own town to know what’s happening around. You can record and send stations to anyone who needs it in mp3 format. Other features of the app is to set alarm of the stations, marking favorite station and lots more.

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5. Police Scanner X: APK

Police Scanner Apps for iOS

It is a good police scanner app for all the Android users. It is a free app available easily. All the basic features that a police scanner should gave is present in it. From listening to live audios from police and fire to weather radios around the world all the features are present. The app updates the scanner frequently and so you can find latest streams easily. One advance feature in it is of custom stream player for battery saving and faster playback.

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6. 5-O Radio Police Scanner for iOS

5-0 Police Scanner Apps

It is a simple app but with some great features in it. It is extremely user-friendly and convenient to use. Each and every thing is present there like favorite list, map, info, and so on. One of the best feature of the app is that you can listen to scanners in background. In loosing connection with any scanner it automatically reconnects you to it. The integrated ma system finds your location and the feeds location. It is one of the most used apps in USA, Canada and Australia.

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7. Police Scanner! 


If you are searching a police scanner app you can consider downloading it. It is one the top free police scanner apps for cell phones.

You can listen to thousands of police scanner around the world. You get an access to top 100 live feeds. It allows you to search through your favorite feed and listen them in background. One of its features also allows you to explore maps of the areas.

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                               These are the top 7 Police Scanner Apk that you can use for your purpose. The Police Scanner Apps are important to stay updated and alert of the happenings near you and even around the world. And with some of these apps you can listen to police scanners in your area. This was Amrit here. If you have any query about any of these apps, feel free to ask via the comment section below. 

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