Samsung Galaxy S8 AKG Headphones Review [ 50% OFF Discount ]

AKG Headphones Review

                                                      SAMSUNG GALAXY S8 AKG HEADPHONES

Headphones are one of the best companions for man today. With huge investments by companies in fields of Music and media the competition in the market is ever growing. Samsung is one of the leading brands in day to day technical products and this time has come up with the new Galaxy S8 AKG headphones with the firm belief that they are going to be well appreciated and accepted by the users and will bring many more users into the Samsung world. Samsung is coming up with the best versions of the phones nowadays, ranging from Samsung galaxy to Samsung Galaxy S8.

Samsung Galaxy S8 is the latest version that came up with an amazing fanfare. After the release Galaxy S7 Saga, the company decided to come up with something innovative and which could make the customers to attract towards it. Galaxy S8 was launched by the company with a free pair of in-ear monitors, in order to compete with the other companies. With its new innovation, Samsung is somewhere going higher than iPhone. The company made the use of audio manufacturer AKG for the introduction of new headphones, which made Samsung Galaxy S8 compete with the other brands.


Samsung AKG Headphones Review



This high-quality earphones mainly made of rubber and plastic is sturdy enough and a little damage won’t cause any problem. The build quality of this headphones is much better and competes for+ the other high-quality headphones. This was something expected from a company as mighty as Samsung. For sure Samsung offers no sacrifice on the path of build quality and the reliability of product remains unquestioned. The design of the headphones is somewhat puzzling as the upper portion of it is build of rubber while the lower portion is made out of braided fabric. In order to avoid the microphonic issues, the company should have made both parts of the headphones out of braided fabric. The shape of the headphones is much better as compared to the other earphones . It comfortably fits in the ear canals, the shape is somewhat peculiar which makes it different. The noise isolation of this headphones is such that one can crank up it to maximum volume, having the shape of IEM but the noise isolation of an earbud.

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AKG Headphones: Key Features and Compatibility


Mi Smartphones

Samsung Galaxy S8/S9

Honor Smartphones


Key Features of AKG Headphones

Classy looks

Comfortable To Wear

Pain-free music experience

Perfect Noice Cancellation system

Call Attend/Reject Button

Long Cord For Your Comfort




Why You Should Go For Samsung AKG Headphones

The customers face the problem of sound leakages in the earphones, in this AKG headphones, there is no problem of sound leakage as such. The people sitting beside you won’t be able to hear any sound unless it is cranked up to maximum volume. With good sound quality, presentation of the bass is a little bit thinner and lacks speed. If we talk about the sound quality it is somewhat trembling, not too good not too bad. The headphones has the quality of handling the electronic distortion without making a screeching sound. So in whole, this newly launched earphones introduced by the company is much better if we look through the different features of it. The cost of this headphones is much high, one can opt for CARBON TENORE for more good sound quality rather than good build headphones.

One can also go for SOUND MAGIC E80C which is of the same price as this AKG earphones, but somewhere Samsung galaxy more outshines than the others. In case any of the customers is cash restricted then one can go for audiophile IEM earphones which is half of the range of AKG  headphones. These headphones come with lot of advantage over the existing headphones in the market but taking all its perks into the counting it seems too costly for the feature and quality is justifies. It has good sound quality but its abnormal design provides a bit of discomfort which seems a big disadvantage.

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The headphones might look interiors besides some of its competitors which provide better features and design at the same price. One might as well sacrifice the build quality for the superb sound quality of Carbo Tenore. You might also want to check out the SoundMagic E80C which belongs to two same price range but overpowers this Samsung headphone in almost all other fields. Hopefully, Samsung will note down for its criticism and will come up with the most suitable headphones the next time. Stay Tuned with AllBuzzUpdates and if you have any queries regarding the headphones feel free to ask us in the comments section.



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