How To Share Your WhatsApp Profile Through Link [ Step by Step Tutorial ]

How to Share WhatsApp profile via Link

How To Share WhatsApp Profile Link

The most common and famous messaging application is the WhatsApp. From children to the youngster to adults everyone is in the web of the application because it’s the most common application for chatting, sharing pictures and videos with your close ones and the people with whom you are in contact. WhatsApp is available for both Android and iOS. Each and everyone uses this application to chat with people. Shari g pictures, videos, and documents are also possible through it. The application is simple, secure and very reliable. The application also allows the users to call and even video call people whose numbers are saved on their mobile phone or to an unsaved number even. The application runs on mobile phones but now it is also available for PCs and laptops. It only requires a working mobile number to use it. WhatsApp is even used for business communication and deals.

WhatsApp has the feature to both call and video call anyone in foreign. Originally users could only chat individually or in a group but now you can also broadcast your message. All your contact are checked and the ones present in WhatsApp are added to the WhatsApp contact list. It’s regular update have brought a lot of new features in it such as now you can delete a message for the receiver even from the delete for everyone option within a fixed time.

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Moreover, you can know whether your message has been read by the person or not. You can hide your last seen, profile photos and status from unwanted people and also you can post story updates. WhatsApp is the most important app and if used in a useful way it cannot cause any harm. But any message whether it is true or not gets viral real fast over WhatsApp. There are many tricks in WhatsApp which we are familiar to, one new trick that came in after the latest update is the profile sharing. Yes, now you can share your WhatsApp profile through a link. So, let’s get to know how can we share our WhatsApp profile through link:


How To Share WhatsApp Profile Through Link

WhatsApp public API is all that we need to use to share WhatsApp profile link. With the help of the API we can easily create our WhatsApp profile link. After this we can easily share our WhatsApp profile and anyone can message us on it. Sharing the WhatsApp profile link looks professional and the person gets your number and the text without saving the number. To create the WhatsApp profile link just follow this simple steps:


To share WhatsApp Profile with the help of link you just need to copy the following Link i.e. and then add an equal to “=” sign and add your number after it in the international format without the “+” sign.  For example

If you want to add a text i.e. a message even just write “&text” with the link and write down the message to be sent. So, this is the simple way through which you can share your WhatsApp profile easily and send your message to the one you want to.

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WhatsApp always comes up with great updates which prove to be handy for the people using it. WhatsApp is an app which creates convenience in communicating with people with the positive points being time-saving and money saving. But everything has its drawback, addiction to it is bad and can create a distraction from everything else and be hazardous to health. It can drop your academic and social skills. We can say that what WhatsApp did to SMS is the same which Skype did to international calling. WhatsApp has gained users rapidly in the course of its time and has always been a great experience to the users.

So, today we told you how to share your WhatsApp Profile Through Link. Hope you liked the post. If you still have any query feel free to ask us via the comments section below. Stay Tuned with AllBuzzUpdates

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