5 Reasons why you should not go for Untrusted/Free Recovery Software

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In a world where each penny means a fortune, everyone is trying to find a “Jugaad” in exchange of problems. Whether it’s a minor issue or a grave menace, the first thought will always be – Where can I get it solved for free? While it proves fruitful in certain cases, it costs more than a fortune in some –long-treasured memories or critical career moments. Data recovery is one of the most sensitive subjects that if taken lightly can h life-changing consequences. Not only it affects your personal space, it questions your efficiency as well. Here’s why you should not go for untrusted/free recovery software:

  1. Malware – Despite awareness regarding the presence of Malware in untrusted applications/files/software, several people tend to fall in the trap. Never take up the possibility of recovering data from untrusted or free software that seem too good to be true. They might contain malware which will not just destroy chance of recovery but also corrupt everything on your system.
  2. Privacy Breach – One of the irretrievable results of using untrusted/free recovery software could be a breach of your own privacy. Not only can that software attain access to your personal data, but they can also use it against you! Losing data is one thing, having an intrusion in your space is another!
  3. Further or permanent data loss – Let’s presume, free or untrusted software is virus-free and doesn’t affect your privacy. It still has a risk of worsening the situation or deleting the data permanently. In fact, there are certain guidelines that need to be followed to recover data through software. Sometimes, in some case, due to the lack of knowledge, the data gets overwritten because the user saves the software in the same location as data loss. Once it’s overwritten, it cannot be retrieved!
  4. Tag-along software/Add-ons – More precisely known as add-on extensions to the software. These add-on software are not easily visible. They are integrally located in the setup of free software. If installed, they might obtain the access of saved passwords in browser and cause threat to privacy.
  5. No guaranteed results/lack of customer support – Not everyone is concerned about the results in the case of free software. Few people use various free software until the data is recovered. What if instead of recovering, it causes any of the above-mentioned problems? Normally, if you purchase software, you make sure to reach out to its customer support team in case of a mishappening. On the contrary, free software neither provides customer support nor guarantees results.

If the above-mentioned reasons do not stop you from using the free resources to recover data, thorough research and free consultation from data recovery experts will! Always take advice from professionals before looping in free angle. STELLAR DATA RECOVERY provides free consultation over the phone as well as mail in such cases.

Stellar is one of the pioneers in data recovery services with a presence in 18+ locations across the globe. Starting out its operations in 1993 (25 years ago), it has served more than 3 million customers with 100% secure and confidential data recovery services. It has a strong portfolio recovery and repair software.  A Class 100 clean rooms, in-house developed advanced technologies and software and a team of 100+

R & D engineers to solve even the complicated data problems within a stipulated time. Recognized and awarded for outstanding services in the IT industry, Stellar has become the first and foremost choice of various Fortune 500 companies. Why not resort to good resources before letting an untrusted software penetrate your privacy?



Sorted/Guaranteed Results: Well if this is not one of the requirements, you should re-think about the worth your lost data. Great data recovery software will always have its pros and cons laid out right in front; guidelines that describe in what cases the software will or will not work! And, a good software guarantees refund in case of no data recovery after the purchase. Like Stellar, We offer 30- Day Money Back Guarantee if our software does not recover data, we will refund your money.

Customer Support: If a software provider has no customer support for its users, it definitely isn’t customer friendly. Always look for the post-sale or post-use services of the software. Stellar providers 25*5 support for our customers.

100% Confidentiality: Data breach is one of the most sensitive issues across the cyber world. A data recovery software must protect and secure your data in all cases. It is a must-have element.


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