Things To Do When Your Amazon Order is Not Delivered

What to do if amazon order is not delivered

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Shopping online is the most common thing in today’s generation because no one likes to move out when you can get things at your doorstep. Among all the online shopping platforms, Amazon is one of the biggest. Amazon sells a large variety of goodies and products from a huge collection of brands. From monies, laptops to clothes, accessories and home decors you can find everything here. The thickens is quite well and with the new Amazon Prime, it’s all better.

The fact lied that no one is perfect, so is Amazon delivery service as in some days it might not deliver your package on the scheduled date. There may be several problems, such as it is not shipped even after long days it may be there in the transit and even sometimes it does deliver but is not done so. So, in such cases there are few things you got to do and solve the issue.

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What You can Do if your Amazon Order is Not Delivered

  • Shipping status: The first and foremost situation comes where you have ordered something but the product isn’t shipped only. Majority of the people face the problem, when the seller didn’t shipped the product for a week or even longer. So, you can cancel the order but definitely for few time before doing so and if still it is not shipped, cancel the order. If you have already paid for the order, Amazon will definitely return you the money and if it’s on cash on delivery there is nothing to worry about. Well, to cancel the order you have to do the following:
  1. Go to the Amazon website or to the Amazon app from the smartphone you have.
  2. Sign in to the account of yours in the site or the app.
  3. Then, go to the My Orders section, and select the order you want to cancel.
  4. Simply click on cancel order, and it will ask you the reason behind doing so. Specify your reason and it’s done.


  • Delivery status: When you recurve the message of your order getting shipped or you check this status on the Amazon app or website, but there’s confusion regarding when you will be receiving it or why you haven’t received it yet you can track your order.  Once the shipped message is there, you can further track everything like when it is scheduled by the courier, picked up by then and so on. If you want even the minute details you can then go to the courier company website and track with the tracking number.
  1. Amazon always provides an expected delivery date, so to reach the package go to the website or the app and do so.
  2. Now, go to My Orders and select the order you want to track and simple select the track option and then you can see the status of your package.

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  • Receiving status: The most horrible situation is when it shows the product is delivered but you didn’t received it. Though there nothing to panic, as Amazon gives you guidelines when it happens that you haven’t received the order but it shows delivered. So, the points you need to consider are:
  1. The basic thing to do is to ask the neighbors if they have received the order in your behalf. Though Amazon always sends you a message or the delivery boy calls you for the order but still you need to check on it that if someone had received in your behalf in the neighbor.
  2. If neither you have received it nor your neighbor and it shows the status as delivered then you need to go and check in your order that whether the phone number, address. If the details are not correct then call the customer service and have talk with them.
  3. Try to know if someone attempted to deliver the order or not.
  4. Do check the letterbox even, because some parcels are delivered through local postal service.
  5. And if still there’s no clue then go to customer service of Amazon and fi d out what’s the problem.


Security for Your Orders

Even after trying all this, your package is not delivered and you are the prime member you can take advantage of the A-Z protection. Visit the Amazon website and do the needful to access to the protection. You can take a claim if the order has not been successfully delivered to you.


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