WhatsApp New Features: Introducing Dark Mode & Group Calls

WhatsApp Dark Mode


New Upcoming WhatsApp features:   WhatsApp is undoubtedly one of the most used messaging platform across the globe. WhatsApp is known for its safe end to end encryption of messages and that’s why people have more trust on this app than any other messaging app. Not just messages, WhatsApp allows you to make free audio and video calls over the internet. Whatsapp loves to pace up with the changing trends and it keep bringing new features for its users. Very soon you will be able to use WhatsApp New Features. The New whatsApp features will be Dark Mode and Group Calling. From a long time, users wished for the option to have group calls. Bet me! group calls will be the real fun.


Upcoming WhatsApp Features


WhatsApp Dark Mode:  WhatsApp very soon will bring the dark mode feature for all its users. You will be able to switch between dark mode and normal mode whenever you wish. This feature is being tested right now and is available in the beta mode. Soon it will be released for Android and iOS users.


WhatsApp Group Calling Feature:  WhatsApp is now much more than just a normal chatting app. It enables you to make audio and video calls to your friends and family members. The quality of the audio and video call is good even if you are using an average internet plan. Now whatsapp has something more for you. It is soon going to officially release the WhatsApp group calling feature. The shortcut of the group call will be available on the left hand side of your group name. It is said that at once you will be able to do video call with 3 people. You must ensure that the other people are in your contact list else you will not be able to make a group call or something.


WhatsApp Upcoming Features: Video

WhatsApp Fingerlock for Chats

WhatsApp Fingerlock
WhatsApp Fingerlock for Chats

WhatsApp has made available the Fingerlock for Chats feature for the iOS users but this awesome feature is yet to be released for Android phone users. Android smartphones need not worry as we are sure that WhatsApp will introduce this feature very soon for Android OS too.

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Check audio message before Sending

WhatsApp is very soon expected to release an amazing feature for its users. WhatsApp users will be able to check the audio before finally sending it to the recipient of the audio message. Just imagine if you are to send a song to your friends in your own voice, then you have the chance to listen it on your own. A video preview of the audio message will pop out in a separate tray (as told by sources).


Show in Chat Feature 

With the Show in chat feature of WhatsApp users will able to get an idea as when was the image first shared with them. Whenever you are browsing a shared image in chats you will come to know when was it originally shared. It will save you time.

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WhatsApp Status by Priority

Now WhatsApp is getting smarter and this can be judged by WhatsApp Upcoming features. WhatsApp will roll out a new feature by which you will be able to see the WhatsApp Status of the contact whom you interact with most. Isn’t that cool? Right now there is no such order, WhatsApp shows you the status of your contacts according to the time they were added.

WhatsApp Recent updates: WhatsApp recently released a new feature of forwarded message status. This single feature has helped everyone a lot to understand whether the news is coming from the original source or just a forwarded.


So, this was all about the upcoming WhatsApp Features that are soon to be rolled out. If you think we ahve missed any of the upcoming WhatsApp feature do let us know in the comments section below. Stay Tuned with Allbuzzupdates


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